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Scroll Down and Discover Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy 15 Years of MUTEK Barcelona!
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The international festival of electronic music and digital creativity MUTEK Barcelona celebrates 15 years from April 9 to 13, 2024, summoning artists and audiences from around the world to Barcelona to dive into a new adventure of artistic immersion and exploration. Check the weekly view here or:

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For five days, attendees will be able to witness and enjoy live performances, audiovisual (AV) shows and installations in four key locations in the city:

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The Passports, Saturday Pass, Opening Concert, and MUTEK Symposium are already SOLD OUT. There are still individual tickets for A/Visions, Play and the Nocturne series available at affordable prices to enjoy a generous line-up. Secure yours now and don't miss out on this special celebration!


Professional exploration

If you are interested in the professional program MUTEK Symposium (SOLD OUT EVENT) program running from April 10 to 12, delve into all the details right here:

Symposium Guide

Artistic exploration

This year's lineup invites you to indulge in the boundless inspiration and daring creativity of local and global sound and visual creators. With nearly 30 electrifying projects, each pulsating with expertise and fervor, prepare to be swept away into the mesmerizing realm of electronic music and digital arts.

Browse the program from different angles with all the information below, and join us in an effervescent and transformative experience of artistic discovery:

Program 2024

TUE 9 APRIL | Opening Concert

7:30pm | Sala Apolo


7:30pm Doors
8:00pm Roméo Poirer & Ohme (BE)
9:00pm Autechre (UK)

The inaugural event of MUTEK Barcelona's 15th anniversary presents an exclusive live performance by Autechre, a mind-blowing and unique experience of classic audio in the dark by the legendary English duo. At the opening Roméo Poirer, in collaboration with Ohme creative studio, present 'Tales of Entropy': an audiovisual show based on generative production, polarized light microscopy and computer vision.

All ages. Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


WED 10 APRIL | Sculpted with Light & Sound

8:00pm | Roca Barcelona Gallery

8:00pm Doors
8:30pm Martin Messier (CA/QC) — Impulse
9:00pm DATUM CUT (CA/QC)

MUTEK joins forces with Roca Barcelona Gallery to present for the fifth consecutive year the cycle 'Sculpted With Light & Sound'. Martin Messier will delight us with 'Impulse', an installation where sound and light circulate in a non-linear choreography as a poetic-technological analogy of the functioning of the brain and the flow of thought. On the other hand, DATUM CUT seeks to establish relationships between obsolete media and contemporary technologies in his live AV, in search of new aesthetic possibilities.

All ages. Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Registration only | SOLD OUT


THU 11 APRIL | A/Visions

7:30pm | Paral·lel 62

7:30pm Doors
8:00pm Hatis Noit (JP) — Aura
9:00pm Martin Messier (CA/QC) — 1 drop 1000 years
9:45pm Daito Manabe (JP)

MUTEK's flagship program, which proposes deep contemplative experiences in a theatrical environment, presents three exclusive premiere performances Barcelona: Daito Manabe brings the avant-garde with a high definition visual explosion, while Hatis Noit makes her awaited local debut with a folkloric-spiritual performance through her latest work 'Aura'. Locally acclaimed Martin Messier returns to premiere '1 drop 1000 years' a hypnotic liquid, sound and light combination inspired by homeostasis.

All ages. Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

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FRI 12 APRIL | Nocturne 1 Nitsa+Astin

00:30am | Nitsa

00:30am Doors
00:30am Maher Daniel (PS/US) dj set
02:00am Michelle (UY)
03:00am Donato Dozzy (IT) dj set
Visuals: Acid Thermal (VE/ES)

Three compelling sets to celebrate and dance with the visual atmosphere provided by Acid Thermal. This already sounds like an unforgettable epic night!

01:00am | Astin

01:00am Doors
01:30am Sofia Kourtesis (PE/DE)
02:30am Nick León & Ezra Miller (US)
03:30am Pelada (CA/QC)
04:30am Amantra (VE/ES) dj set

The Miami sound, electrifying punk, a tribute to Mothers, and the magic of rhythm are some of the inspirations behind these four projects to captivate us on an intimate and immersive night.

Important: Following the unfortunate cancellation of Ricardo Villalobos due to an emergency dental operation, the dynamics of Nocturne 1 have changed. Now, all attendees will have access to both rooms, Nitsa and Astin, throughout the night.

Ages 18+



SAT 13 APRIL | Play

4:00pm | Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm

4:00pm Doors

Sala de Cocciò
4:00 to 10:00pm Sian Fan (UK) — Deity

Sala de Màquines
5:00pm Grand River (IT) — All Above
6:10pm Yamila (ES/BE)
7:10pm Noémi Büchi (CH) — Does It Still Matter
8:10pm Efe Ce Ele (CO/ES)
9:10pm SPIME.IM (IT) — Grey Line

Scenic poetry and visual power: MUTEK's playful and experimental program will host an eclectic lineup, both in sound and origin of the artists. Six visionary talents will deliver delicate and powerful live performances, along with an installation, in an intimate atmosphere.

Tip: SPIME.IM arrives with an extremely powerful AV show. Play at Fàbrica: a festival classic that will surpass all your expectations after 15 years!

Ages 18+

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SAT 13 APRIL | Nocturne 2 Nitsa+Astin

00:30am | Nitsa+Astin

00:30am Doors

00:30am LANAV (CAT/ES) dj set
02:00am Actress (UK)
03:00am Pantha du Prince (DE) — This Bliss
04:00am Honeydrip (CA/QC) dj set
Visuals: Acid Thermal

00:30am DJ Metaforas (CAT/ES) dj set
01:30am Jlin (US)
02:30am Iglooghost (UK)
03:30am HiTech (US)
04:30am Jehia (EG/ES) dj set

Ten artists unfold a creative paradise to make us vibrate with pure intensity in the closing event of this sonic adventure! Tip: Vegyn (who can't finally make it) was replaced by the prolific German composer Pantha du Prince, who will play his 'This Bliss' live AV.

Important: Nocturne 1 event on Friday, April 12th takes place separately at Nitsa and Astin venues, with independent tickets that do not allow re-entry. Nocturne 2 ticket grants access to both venues for the entire night on Saturday, April 13th.

Ages 18+

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Box Office

The Passports, Saturday Pass, Opening Concert, and MUTEK Simposio are already SOLD OUT.

If you want to be part of this unique experience, hurry up and grab your individual tickets for A/Visions and Play. Both events have limited capacity and convenient first wave prices are available until midnight on Wednesday, April 3rd. Elevate your senses with the stunning audiovisual offerings of the festival's two most intimate and contemplative programs!

Daito perf

Secure your tickets for the two festive programs too:

  • Nocturne 1 Nitsa+Astin: Following the unfortunate cancellation of Ricardo Villalobos due to an emergency dental operation (replaced by Donato Dozzy), the dynamics of Nocturne 1 have changed. Now, all attendees will have access to both rooms, Nitsa and Astin, throughout the night of Friday, April 12.

  • Nocturne 2 Nitsa+Astin: The ticket grants you access to both venues throughout the night on Saturday, April 13.

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