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Nocturne 2

13.04 | 11:45 pm_6:00 am
Live A/V

Darren Cunningham, born in Wolverhampton and better known as the Electronic DJ Actress, returns to MUTEK to present in premiere LXXXVVVIII, his ninth album. The very first presentation of Actress’ voyage into luxury sonics. A lifetime in the making, LXXXVVVIII is the culmination of 25 years’ honing mind-shorting, soul-igniting audio infusions for dance floors, rave dens, festivals, and concert halls.

Breaking all boundaries and experimenting with various stems of the genre incorporating Minimal Techno, Glitch and Vaporwave, Actress finds inspiration from everyday life and feeds it in his music.

The English artist already played at the first edition of MUTEK Barcelona, and this time he returns for such a special occasion as the 15th anniversary of the festival in Spain to present his new album.

Before you embark on this journey, it pays to meditate on the infinite. For this work’s title: LVVVXXXIII –the roman numerals for ’88’ – is a tribute to the very notion of infinity as well as a direct invocation of the artist’s prior release bearing this prized figure. In the universe of Actress, much as in his practice, all is connected.