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MUTEK is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, exhibition, training and internationalization of digital creativity around sound, music and visual art, whose main activity is the annual presentation of its homonymous festival, which has its continuity in different multidisciplinary cycles and projects that are developed throughout the year.

In a world of constant evolution and incessant refinement, the “MU” in MUTEK refers to the notion of “mutation,” while “TEK” stands for “technology.” MUTEK gives visibility and supports the technological mutation applied to art and music.

Presented in a multidisciplinary format, MUTEK is more than just a festival: it is a platform for exploration, innovation and discovery. The activities carried out throughout the year are articulated in the form of live concerts, audiovisual performances, multi-sensory installations, immersive experiences, interactive projects, and an extensive training program with seminars, workshops, conferences, artistic presentations, round tables and live interviews.

For more than two decades, MUTEK has developed around its essential values: creativity, cooperation, diversity, artistic excellence, training, equality, inclusion, internationalization, research and professionalization.

International network

Originating in the city of Montreal, the MUTEK platform is preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2024. There is currently a MUTEK Network present on 3 continents with headquarters in 6 cities: Montreal (24 years), Mexico City (19 years), Barcelona (14 years), Tokyo (7 years), Buenos Aires (6 years) and San Francisco (6 years).

United under the same mandate, the MUTEK International Network focuses on presenting and supporting innovative and disruptive projects that combine digital art, advanced music and technology, and on strengthening the cultural growth of the region in which it is hosted, which it conceives as a creative, innovative, plural and global space.


In Catalonia, MUTEK ES turns 15 in 2024 and, after taking a year off, the festival returns stronger than ever. From April 9 to 13, 2024, the 15th edition will be presented in Catalonia with activities in different locations in Barcelona and surrounding areas.

Year after year, MUTEK ES has made clear its commitment to providing avant-garde and bold programming, focusing on experimental and authentic proposals that elevate digital creativity to another level.

Genuine and surprising content that is shown through the work of both leading artists and new talents, and in which debuts and premieres in the city prevail, faithful in its desire to be a real platform for knowledge, critical thinking and advanced dissemination around new trends in digital creativity and technology, locally and internationally.

The only MUTEK satellite based in Europe, MUTEK ES provides a single landing point for MUTEK's international network on the European continent. Therefore, the festival has a strong focus on presenting new artists, projects and trends in digital creativity that are emerging in America and Asia, resulting in a rich and unique gathering of international artists.

With over 15 years of activity, MUTEK ES has been committed to showing the highlights of digital creation to the local public, both emerging and more established artists, while promoting the Catalan and local artistic community.