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Honeydrip, Emma Forgues & King ShadrockCA/QC

Honeydrip, Emma Forgues & King Shadrock<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Honeydrip, Emma Forgues & King ShadrockCA/QC
Nocturne 2

13.04 | 11:45 pm_6:00 am
DJ set

One of the most notable energies of the Montreal underground scene and with releases beginning to make a global impact, Honeydrip is recognized for her creative mixes, high vibes and low end sounds that transcend genres and eras, without leaving aside her Caribbean roots and their electroacoustic background.

Psychotropical, her most recent album, is a tribute to dub, reggae and dancehall from that playful and trippy energy that distinguishes Honeydrip and, as its name indicates, the live version seeks to alter moods, thoughts and perception. Vocalist King Shadrock and visual magician Emma Forgues are her allies in this performance that mixes 3D visual psychedelia with the Rastafari spirit in a powerful concert that already had its premiere in Montreal and its audio recording is a small sample of what the trio will create in MUTEK MX Edition 20.

Honeydrip will land at MUTEK Barcelona to offer an incredible DJ set with the collaboration of Bureau du Quebec Barcelona / CALQ.


DJ and producer Honeydrip, reggae singer King Shadrock, and digital artist Emma Forgues unite for the explosive mind-bending live version of Pychotropical (Banoffee Pies Records, 2023).


Banoffee Pies Records



ANTI-EGO (2021)


With Pychotropical (studio album and its live version with live light design by Emma Forgues), Honeydrip and King Shadrock renewed a collaboration that began in 2021 with"Brand New Flava" (2021), Honeydrip's debut single.