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Martin MessierCA/QC

Martin Messier<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Martin MessierCA/QC

11.04 | 7:30 pm_10:30 pm
Live A/V

Sculpted with Light & Sound

10.04 | 8:00 pm_9:30 pm

Martin Messier has been creating works that fuse sounds, objects and images for more than fifteen years. His performances and installations, with a clear choreographic background, place the body at the front line of the experience. After studying composition at the University of Montreal, he oriented himself towards an experimental sound practice that integrates image and video, and quickly began to develop performative audiovisual devices with everyday objects and the sound potential of materials. Over the years, Messier has carried out several collaborative projects with Nicolas Bernier, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, Anne Thériault, Jacques Poulin-Denis and Yro (Elie Blanchard). Performed in more than 50 countries, his work has been widely praised and has received several awards. A member of Perte de signal, a self-managed arts center located in Montreal's Mile End, he also founded 14 lieux in 2010, a sound production company focused on the performing arts, where he serves as general and artistic director.

In the next edition of MUTEK, the artist will present the Spanish premiere of his latest project 1 drop 1000 years, an original performance that reflects on a fundamental phenomenon for the balance of life: homeostasis. The Global Conveyor Belt is a huge ocean stream that stirs up the waters of the five oceans and conveys heat on a global scale. Seeking to highlight the finesse of our homeostatic system and the fragility of its balance, the artist proposes an artistic interpretation of these intimate and global currents that happens to be essential to the survival of our species and its environment.

On the opening day, during the Sculpted with Light & Sound cycle taking place at Roca Barcelona Gallery, Martin Messier will debut in Spain his project Impulse, a poetic analogy with a technological twist on the functioning of the brain, and a work with an electrifying effect on the viewer, amplifying their sensations and allowing them to access the essence of the senses.


Montréal’s Martin Messier, prolific founder of production company 14 lieux, blurs the boundaries between electroacoustic music, digital art, stage performance, visual installations and choreography.


Echo Chamber (2020)
Innervision (2019)
Ashes (2017)
Impulse (2017)


Understated light and sound performance converting a smoke-filled room into a projection area, Elusive Matter fashions the intangible into a myriad of ghostly spaces and dreamlike shapes.