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March 5, 2024
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MUTEK Symposium returns from April 10 to 12


Three days of professional activities under the theme 'Nurturing Networks in Digital Creativity'.

MUTEK ES celebrates 15 years in Barcelona from April 9 to 13. After announcing the full line-up several weeks ago, MUTEK Symposium returns with a full program of professional activities developed in collaboration with MUTEK Montréal, which will take place from April 10 to 12 at:

  • Roca Barcelona Gallery (map)
  • BAU Centre Universitari d'Arts i Disseny (map)
  • Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm (map)

MUTEK Symposium kicks off with the MUTEK Match networking event taking place on the afternoon of April 10th at Roca Barcelona Gallery. Additionally, on the same day, Quebecois artists Martin Messier and DATUM CUT take center stage in the fifth edition of the Sculpted With Light & Sound program, where artists and speakers will explore the intersection of space, light, and sound in an artistic collaboration with three components: an art installation, a live show, and networking with institutions, artists, collectives, and partners through MUTEK Match.

Georgia Taglietti (IT/ES) - pictured

The MUTEK Symposium continues on Thursday, April 11th at BAU Centre Universitari d'Arts i Disseny and on Friday, April 12th at the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm. Two days dedicated to discussing and analyzing the impact of networks in a supportive digital creativity ecosystem, and the role of cultural diplomacy in this dynamic landscape. We will celebrate the collaboration between Catalonia and Quebec by creating spaces where knowledge, concepts, and values converge to enhance the fabric of collective creative endeavors.

2022 leafhopper GEORGIA 04 Cuadrado

Samito (MZ/QC) - pictured

The MUTEK Symposium will engage in essential dialogues, highlighting a variety of cutting-edge projects. Over three days of panels, talks, and networking, complemented by the festival's programming, we will foster reflection on new standards to promote gender equality, diversity, and sustainability in digital innovation and creativity overall.

SPRLUA Portraits 9



Roca Barcelona Gallery

6:00pm MUTEK Match

MUTEK Symposium opens on Wednesday April 10 at Roca Barcelona Gallery with MUTEK Match, an event designed to connect the festival's directors and programmers with partners, promoters, curators, institutions and agents from around the world, who will introduce themselves detailing their professional and geographical background, artistic vision and more.

IMPORTANT: all activities will be in English


BAU Centre Universitari d'Arts i Disseny

10:00am Opening Keynote | Emerging Technologies
10:45am Project Pitches | 9 creative studios from QC-CAT
1:00pm Keynote | The Business of Digital Art

A day focused on exploring emerging technologies and the digital art business, through two presentations, as well as celebrating innovative projects and initiatives that are shaping the global landscape of digital creativity.

Organizations, studios, and artists from both Québec and Catalonia will engage in a B2B format, through a series of brief presentations designed to captivate, inspire, and foster future collaborations.

IMPORTANT: all activities will be in English

FRI 12 APRIL | MUTEK Symposium

Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm

10:45am Introduction
11:00am Roundtable 1 | Forging New Horizons for Festivals
12:00pm Presentations | Cultivating Cultural Synergies: QC-CAT
1:00pm Panel 1 | New Forms of Cultural Collaboration
4:00pm Roundtable 2 | DigitALL: Inclusion in the Digital Era
5:00pm Panel 2 | Bridging Electronic Music and Marine Conservation

Under the theme 'Nurturing Networks in Digital Creativity,' the main day of the MUTEK Symposium will be dedicated to discussing and analyzing the impact of networks, cultural synergies, and new forms of collaboration, as well as digital inclusion and planetary conservation.

IMPORTANT: all activities will be in English

Tickets to access all MUTEK Symposium activities from April 10 to 12 are already on sale for 43,50€ (+ service fee). Festival Passport holders will have a possibility to access the Symposium through a limited capacity pre-registration, on a first-come first-served basis. Stay tuned for an email with instructions.

IMPORTANT: all activities will be in English


Produced in collaboration with MUTEK Montréal.

With the essential support of: Gouvernement du Québec | Bureau du Québec à Barcelone | Xn Québec | Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB) | Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC) through its internationalization branch Catalan Arts | Acción Cultural Española, AC/E through its Program for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE in Spanish) | British Council | Institut Ramon Llull | BAU Research | Roca | Estrella Damm

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