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March 24, 2024
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Come meet your new favorite artists!

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With a reputation deeply rooted in creative avant-garde and sonic innovation, MUTEK Barcelona not only shines as a showcase for established artists but also stands as a crucial space for the flourishing and promotion of those in the early stages of their careers.

In this edition, the Nocturne series (on April 12 with separate entries and tickets in Nitsa and Astin rooms, and on the 13th in both rooms) will once again be prolific, ushering in new milestones in the musical and audiovisual landscape, offering attendees the chance to discover the future stars of the scene.

LANAV is steadily rising within the local electronic music scene. Born to blend the organic with the electronic, her unique mix of techno elements, ambient sounds, and hypnotic melodies will invite you to introspection in an incomparable DJ set.


What happens when you combine a passion for musical exploration with influences from Jungle, Bass, IDM, and Deconstructed Club? You get the overwhelming force of Jehia, a DJ who has drawn from the frenzy of Cairo and the prolific Barcelona. With his high-energy rhythm and unique blend of both cities' scenes, he s already leaving an indelible mark.

The experimental approach of Amantra and her deep connection with the essence of music make her an extremely exciting artist. As a diverse DJ, she offers complex fusions of Techno, Speed Dembow, UK Breaks, and the most polyrhythmic tracks with a wide range of BPMs. Powerful, technical, and immersive. Unique!

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With exceptional skill in blending eclectic sounds and captivating rhythms, Barcelona-based DJ Metáforas, also known as Frankie Pizá, is gearing up for a set overflowing with techno, acid, jungle, and other electronic dissociations. Let yourself be carried away by his ability to tell stories through the fusion of musical genres.


Uruguayan artist Michelle's creations explore the intersection between technology and artistic expression. Through her visual narrative, enigmatic dark sounds, and peculiar rhythms, she challenges the conventional boundaries of art and exudes overflowing creativity: an irresistible festival cocktail!

Pulsating, hypnotic rhythms, and a particularly vibrant approach to acid house: that's Acid Thermal, the visual artist and videographer who constantly explores new possibilities of representing sound on screens. The atmospheres he creates to connect the audience with the artists are worth paying attention to.

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Join us at MUTEK Barcelona as we celebrate 15 consecutive years of opening doors to emerging talent who may become key figures in the electronic music and digital art scene in the next years... Sounds like a plan?

Important: Nocturne 1 on Friday, April 12th takes place separately at Sala Nitsa and Sala Astin, with separate tickets that do not allow re-entry. The ticket for Nocturne 2 grants you access to both venues for the entire night on Saturday, April 13th.

Nocturne 1 Nitsa | April 12 | TICKETS

Nocturne 1 Astin | April 12 | TICKETS

Nocturne 2 Nitsa + Astin | April 13 | TICKETS

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