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March 17, 2024
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Diversity in Scenic Experimentation


In the vast panorama of electronic music and contemporary digital arts, innovation and creativity are constantly boiling. MUTEK serves as an epicenter where cutting-edge talent and proposals that seek to transcend the limits of convention converge. True to our mission, the programming team has carefully selected a series of projects that promise to captivate and surprise our audience.

On this occasion, we focus on the expressive strength in a feminine key of five projects that experiment through different stagings, sometimes embodied by themselves. Artists who explore, defy expectations and leave an indelible mark on those who have the privilege of witnessing their art. Will you also be a witness?

Magnetic and poetic, Hatis Noit will offer the Catalan capital a fascinating show presenting her album Aura, with her incomparable self-taught vocal range that fuses from Gagaku (Japanese classical music) to operatic styles, Bulgarian and Gregorian chants, and avant-garde pop. Come and see why she was one of the most outstanding shows at the last editions of MUTEK Montreal, Mexico and Japan.

Hatis video

Grand River meticulously fuses ambient elements, drone and improvisation into deeply immersive performances, with Marco Ciceri's equally detailed design of lights, projections and smoke. She explores the frontiers of perception through a sensory journey with his album All Above.


Latin music and various organic elements are the sources of inspiration with which Sofia Kourtesis challenges the frontiers of the avant-garde music scene. This time her show will be, to say the least, moving: through her album Madres she explores illness and family through her art. Quite a catharsis for her, and for those who make the excellent decision to go see her.


Pain, glory, feminism, hallucinations, biblical passages, Spanish folklore, contemporary electronics, baroque accents, drones.... Composer, cellist, singer and producer Yamila stands out for fusing ethereal sounds with striking visual elements in a transformative experience, impossible to categorize. Here is a brief teaser:


A cocktail of euphoria, provocation, punk and techno, with powerful lyrics and visuals: that's Pelada, the duo formed by Chris Vargas and Tobias Rochman. Their sweeping force evokes a world of raw sounds and deep emotional experiences. In the Nocturne 1 program they will offer one of the last performances of the project, don't miss it!

Screen Shot 2017 05 24 at 7 47 47 PM

Join us in witnessing the incredible talent of these artists through their innovative and provocative performances, whose stage experimentation celebrates our 15th anniversary. And isn't the future of art in the hands of those who dare to challenge the status quo?

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