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Efe Ce EleCO/ES

Efe Ce Ele<sup>CO/ES</sup>
Efe Ce EleCO/ES
AVisions - AMPLIFY 1 Premiere ES

06.05 | 19:00_21:00 GMT +2
Live A/V: 19:55 GMT +2

AVisions - AMPLIFY 1 Premiere AR

07.05 | 00:00_02:00 GMT +2
Live A/V: 00:55 GMT +2

AVisions - AMPLIFY 1 Premiere JP

07.05 | 12:00 GMT +2
Live A/V: 00:55 GMT +2

Colombian artist based in Argentina Feli Cabrera López is a musician, producer, transmedia artist and non-binary trans activist. She is interested in topics such as corporality, gender, biology, technology and music. She works based on experimentation and emotionality, confronting the opposing concepts of binary culture. Her works materialize in various formats that include sound art, electronic music, AV projects, transmedia performance and generative art.

To date, she has made presentations at Festivals in Latin America and Europe such as: Mutek Montreal (Canada, 2020), ICLC (Ireland, 2020), Auditum (Colombia, 2020), November Electronic (Argentina, 2020), Somerset House Studios (UK , 2020), Unbound Listening (UK, 2021), IN/OUT (Switzerland, 2021), Mutek (Argentina-Spain, 2021), NSNS (France, 2021). With musical productions released by international labels such as: Insane Industry (Trieste), CONCRETE (Brazil), Specimen Records / Sound-Space (London), Éter (Medellín), Dissident Movement (Naples), Ghara (Switzerland / Spain), Píldoras Tapes (Bogota), Cartel Recordings (Berlin).

In 2021, she participated together with the musician Nico Sorin, in the Artlab Artistic Residencies program by Amplify D.A.I, making a collaborative live set performance format. The work was presented at the 2021 hybrid edition of the Mutek Montreal Festival and Mutek Japan.


Inside (Dissident Movement, 2020)
Nacer (Ediciones Éter, 2020)
Coltan (sound-space, 2020)
Sync (2019)


Always transiting between minimal, ambient and brutalism, Efe Ce Ele is becoming a difficult character to pigeonhole, playing with duality and rigidity of concepts and counter-concepts.