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January 13, 2022
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Science and Technology for a Future without Gender

March 3-4 from 18 to 21h

Under the claim "Science and Technology for a Future without Gender" the 3rd MUTEKES Symposium will take place on 3 and 4 March at CASA SEAT, a space born to explore the latest developments in design, mobility, technology and urban culture.

Continuing with the commitment initiated in its previous edition to bring light and begin to draw a new model of industry in which inequality and discrimination based on gender have no place, the two days will focus on debating and analysing the impact that Technology and Science have had, have and will have on culture and specifically in the field of digital and sound creation, and to highlight their crucial role in this new roadmap to ensure "a future without gender".

Simposio day 1

Simposio day 2

Price: 3€


  • 18h | KEYNOTE | Are we conscious of the importance of Science and Technology for a 'Future without Gender'?

Welcome and presentation of the research framework of the 3rd MUTEK ES Symposium.

  • 18:30h | PANEL |Algorithmic Justice in a Gender Key'.

Focused on making visible how many of the technological advances, although they may seem objective and neutral, are not, and that it is therefore very important to focus on the need to have a framework and a debate on how artificial intelligence can contribute positively or negatively, in that future if gender, depending on whether AI systems reproduce - or not - the gender gaps that exist in the real world, contribute to perpetuate prejudices, the spread of stereotypes, and validate existing structural discriminations.

  • 19:40h | TALK | Efe Ce Ele: ‘Taxonomy, Gender and Technological Art'

Efe Ce Ele (Feli Cabrera López), is a Colombian-born musician, producer and transmedia artist, focused on the possible interactions between body, sound, image and technology.

In this talk she will connect different worlds between electronic arts, bioart, biopower and post-structural studies, putting in dialogue biology, technology, transmedia art and music, to reflect on how the nomenclature and biological description generates often inflexible categories, which taken to people, condition the existence and development of subjects.

  • 20:30h | SHOW | Efe Ce Ele presents ‘Bio-Synthesis’

To complement her talk, Efe Ce Ele will give a live transmedia performance using microbiological and digital resources to generate audiovisual environments.

Efe Ce Ele is part of the Amplify D.A.I programme, an initiative of the British Council, Somerset House Studios and MUTEK that connects a network of women artists and curators working in the digital arts, providing international visibility.

Efe Ce Ele Mutek Barcelona 1


  • 18h | KEYNOTE | Responsibility, responsibility, commitment and activism in the Media for social change with a gender perspective.

How do the messages and role models transmitted through the Media contribute to the perception that women and dissidents have of their own abilities? Marta Salicrú, director of Radio Primavera Sound reflects on how the Media are key to advancing gender equality, breaking stereotypes and rectifying the imbalance between men and women in Media content. Are we aware of the positive and/or negative effect that this content generates in Big Data?

  • 18:30h | PANEL | Social progress and technology: challenges of the present to ensure diverse and inclusive technological environments in the future.

This panel will analyse the challenges faced by women in the technological environment, and how different groups and entities that promote the figure of women in the technological field, make their role visible throughout history, promote policies applied to the employment structure and education and promote spaces and training programmes for their social progress are facing them.

  • 19:30h | PANEL | Femnøise presents ‘Challenges and opportunities of new virtual scenarios and economies for the female creators of the future’

Femnøise brings together in this panel multimedia artists, creators of new digital environments and experts in intellectual property to analyse the challenges and opportunities - with a gender perspective - that are emerging from the new emerging creative ecosystems (metaverse economy, NFTs...). Paying special attention to the need for a legal framework to promote a disruptive change that avoids continuing to reproduce the same roles and biases present in the real world.

  • 20:30h | NETWORKING | Alice Brazzit present ‘IRIS’

Italian artist Alice Brazzit presents the result of an artistic residency promoted by MUTEKES, the multidisciplinary creation centre Konvent Zero and the project Muse ¨A new Wave in the Mediterranean¨ of the Consulate General of Italy in Barcelona and Dreamers Academy. This immersive installation invites the viewer to relive the personal journey of Iris, a girl blind since birth, during her discovery of an unknown place to which she was invited in order to portray the way she experiences, feels and relates to the world around her.

Register (3€)

Geraldine Rivera Video Arte Femmnoise3


Efe Ce Ele - Music, producer, transmedia artist and gender activist. | Eva Faustino - Lawyer specialising in intellectual property FG LEGAL, Director APECAT (Association of Catalan phonographic and videographic producers-publishers). | Geraldine - Multidisciplinary artist, video director, and fictional character from the Dominican Republic. | Ludovic Assemat- Head of Arts British Council Spain España, #WeAreEquals Director | Lorenzo Porcaro_ researcher and lecturer at the Music Technology Group of the Pompeu Fabra University (MTG/UPF) in Barcelona. | Marta Salicrú - Radio Primavera Sound Director | Natalia San Juan Betancurt - CEO & Founder Femnøise | Soraya Caldaso - Cofounder Uttopion Metaverse. | Pat Quinteiro - MUTEK Barcelona Festival & MUTEK ES Simposio; director; Shesaidso.spain co-director.

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To access, it will be necessary to book a place through the website of CASA SEAT, official presenter of the 3rd edition of the MUTEK ES Simposio from 17 January.

Timetable: Thursday 3 and Friday 4 March from 6 to 9 p.m.

Address: Pg. de Gràcia, 109, 08008 Barcelona

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