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September 21, 2023
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MUTEK MX: #FrenteCatalán in collaboration with Institut Ramon Llull


The 2023 edition of MUTEK MX, which takes place from 9 to 15 October, includes a special alliance with the creative community of Catalonia and, thanks to the collaboration with the Institut Ramon Llull and MUTEK ES, presents #FrenteCatalán, with five multidisciplinary artists representing the avant-garde and creativity currently emerging in this region.

From live acts where the Catalan voice and lyrical tradition merge with digital media, to multimedia installations and transdisciplinary performances that are creating new dialogues between the living arts and artificial intelligence, the #FrenteCatalán is a window into the region's artistic diversity. With festivals like MUTEK Barcelona, OFFF, ArtFutura, MIRA or the Ars Electrónica Garden and spaces like Hac Te, Hub of Art, Science and Technology, Catalonia is also an effervescent creative capital on a global level, with which we extend a bridge through the #CatalanFront.

Just as in 2022 a representative selection of Catalan digital art was part of Ars Electrónica through the support of the Ramon Llull Institute, this year it will be MUTEK Mexico Edition 19 who will welcome the #FrenteCatalán, with five artistic proposals that can be enjoyed in two of the most important programmes of the festival: A/Visions 2 and Nocturne 360:

Marina Herlop

In 2023, Marina Herlop's talent and charisma have taken the world by storm. After her magnificent Prypyat (PAN, 2022) established itself as one of the most important experimental albums of that year, Marina is embarking on an intense world tour with 25 dates and is preparing the release of Nekkuja, her fourth album. In the midst of this whirlwind and as part of #FrenteCatalán, Marina Herlop will give her long-awaited first concert in Mexico at the Museo Anahuacalli, as part of A/Visions 2 and in the company of her full ensemble, which includes the two members of Tarta Relena.

Captura de Pantalla 2023 09 19 a las 14 26 39

Tarta Relena

Also making their Mexican debut as part of the #FrenteCatalán of this 15th edition, the duo Tarta Relena will bring the warmest and most organic side of Nocturne 360. Helena Ros and Marta Torela join their voices to transform the oral tradition of the Mediterranean with an experimental sensibility that resonates with fans of folk and classical music, as well as avant-garde ears alike. Tarta Relena will reconnect us with stories and cosmogonies in Spanish, Catalan, Greek, Latin, English and Sephardic from the purity of sound, curiosity and intuition. Not to be missed.

Captura de Pantalla 2023 09 19 a las 14 29 13

Alba G. Corral

Experience and experimentation are the creative forces behind the work of Alba G. Corral, one of the most influential and active multimedia and academic artists in the region. In addition to her celebrated audiovisual lives, where she creates stunning images in collaboration with renowned pianists, Alba is renowned for her multimedia installations. As part of #FrenteCatalán, Alba will present one of her most representative installations as part of Nocturne 360.

Captura de Pantalla 2023 09 19 a las 14 36 01

Albert-Barque Durán aka Albert.DATA

As part of the #FrenteCatalán, Albert.Data arrives with Slowly fading into data, one of the most complex and experimental performances that we will experience at Nocturne 360. This piece, which since April has been transformed into a film, installation, video game and 360-degree dome, contrasts ideas and technologies to push reflection. With 8-bit music, artificial intelligence and other technological artifacts, Albert.Data creates an audiovisual and performative experience to explore deep concepts such as extended cognition and hybrid beings.

Captura de Pantalla 2023 09 19 a las 14 37 42


In his work, Catalan visual and sound artist Carlos Martorell aka Shoeg shows his observations on the relationship between humans and technology, through his programming skills and various emerging technologies with which he detonates interactions between image and sound. As part of #FrenteCatalán, Shoeg will perform alongside musician and producer Priori, in a live audiovisual performance driven by motion sensors and reactive environments that will highlight Priori's complex sound ecosystems and illustrate the contrasts between the organic and the synthetic, the intricate and the natural, the tangible and the hypothetical.

Captura de Pantalla 2023 09 19 a las 14 38 55
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