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April 28, 2021
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MUTEK.ES+AR Hybrid Edition: Final Program

Countdown to the hybrid edition of the MUTEK ES+AR festival


With less than a week to go until the start of the first hybrid and joint edition between MUTEK Spain and MUTEK Argentina, we reveal the latest artists, complete schedules and all the information you need to organize your MUTEK week both in person and online through our platform

We invite you to discover all the virtual venues and in-person options to enjoy all the content of this special edition.

Joining the virtual programming are the renowned Canadian producer Mathew Jonson, filmed live from Tulum, as part of the Connect MUTEK MX program, the duo Pelada from Montreal as part of Connect MUTEK, and the rebroadcast of the Tarta Relena show, filmed at the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm and originally presented as part of the last edition of MUTEK MX+JP 2020.

Discover the Artists Interconnectivity, exploration and mutation

6 rooms: 2 virtual stages, Virtual Gallery, Listening Room, Auditorium and Replay Room (on-demand)

For the MUTEK.ES+AR 2021 edition, the platform presents its most evolved version so far, offering us the opportunity to get closer and connect as never before with the entire MUTEK International Network.

All this will be presented in 3 different time zones: CEST (Spain), GMT-3 (Argentina), GMT+9 (Japan).

1 Auditorium:
Conference room where a selection of master classes and presentations of the recent 'MUTEK Symposium: a future without gender' will be offered as well as different activities of the Digi Lab program of MUTEK ES+AR, organized by artists in the fields of sound design and digital creativity.

2 Virtual Stages: As stages, these 2 rooms will host the shows of almost 50 MUTEK ES+AR artists, with unique visual and sound qualities, plus the 18 performances of the MUTEK Connect program from Canada, Mexico, Japan and the city of Valencia.


1 Virtual Gallery: Museum space that will be maintained throughout the festival and in which you will find a curated selection of digital art and immersive video pieces.

1 Listening Room:
Virtual space that will offer a selection of immersive sound pieces and deep listening.

1 REPLAY stage:
From May 3 to 9, all the contents of can be seen for free at the times stipulated for each day's premieres. With the access ticket to the REPLAY stage, for only 10€ you can watch all the contents on demand, and enjoy as many times as you want the total program during the rest of the month of May.


Listening Room Artists:

After two years of production and taking advantage of the latest technologies in 3D binaural audio, Alejandro Mosso presents Other Worlds, four immersive and hypnotic musical pieces exclusively designed for listening with headphones. Each composition is a perfect combination of electronics and acoustic instruments merging into a slow and organic pulse.

Virtual Gallery:

Taking different fractal landscapes as a starting point, Microfeel presents Fractal Listening 001; animations that play with the dynamics of surprise, synesthesia, and visual impact. Sensations for mental journeys and landscapes synthesized in living textures, an experience full of fractal shapes and sacred geometry.

For the last three years, MUTEKES has been collaborating with the BAU University Design Center in Barcelona in different actions of its educational program. In this edition Catalina Ansaldi, Marta Minguell (GHTRSA), Anna Carreras and Diego Suárez, all students of the Master in Audiovisual Innovation and Interactive Environments, present 4 audiovisual pieces in the Virtual Gallery. In the framework of this collaboration, the BAU Na.B3 students collective presents their piece #OBJ. 1 at Roca Barcelona Gallery.


On-site program + Virtual program

The passport and 80% of the individual tickets for the in-person events in Barcelona are already sold out; the last tickets are still on sale, so don't miss out!


If you can't attend the live events, you can still enjoy all the programming in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and the international connections through Register now and discover all the options that the platform offers!

The platform offers different payment options that allow you to better enjoy all the programmed content:

➤ REPLAY room (On demand) from May 3 to 31: 10 €.

➤ Online (world) premiere of the show MRAK (Carmine Conte / Tale Of Us): 10€.

➤ Pack REPLAY + Online Premiere MRAK (Carmine Conte / Tale Of Us) 15€.

* This offer will only be available via from May 3 to 9, 2021.

On the platform you will be able to make a donation at any time to support the digital creativity sector severely affected by the problems caused by the COVID-19 health crisis, contributing to improve the situation of artists, technicians and cultural organizations involved in the festival.

Starting May 10, the MRAK (Carmine Conte / Tale Of Us) show will be sold exclusively through DICE, the same platform that will broadcast the world premiere online, on Saturday, May 15, 2021, for a price of 15€.

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