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March 31, 2021
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MUTEK ES+AR and Amplify D.A.I. present: ‘MUTEK Simposio: un futuro sin género’


MUTEK Symposium: a future without gender'.

21 y 22 abril- Formato Híbrido- Diversidad y Género- Entradas a la venta

"What would a genderless world be like?

If we are able to imagine it, we should be able to create it.

What structural, social, economic, environmental, environmental, emotional and technological changes do we need to consider to make that change a reality? What commitments are we willing to make? What roles and structures do we need to change to drive a genderless future?"

Tickets Simposio Online

Under the title 'MUTEK Symposium: a future without gender' on April 21st and 22nd will take place in a hybrid format (physical and virtual) the first joint edition of the Gender and Diversity Symposium of MUTEKES and MUTEKAR in collaboration with Amplify Digital Arts Initiative.

During two days, a wide program of speakers, and more than 300 projects, institutions and professionals at a global level, working with a gender perspective, will meet in Swapcard, the virtual platform where the different contents of the Symposium will live.

The mission of this global meeting is to analyze the present and identify the key challenges and strategies to be followed to ensure equal opportunities and promote gender equality, and the visibility of underrepresented, disruptive and/or marginalized creative scenes and/or bold new art forms in the music industry and digital creativity.

The aim of the Symposium is to begin to draw a new industry model in which inequality and gender discrimination have no place
, starting from a very simple premise: "that they no longer exist".

A unique opportunity for reflection, sharing knowledge and generating networking, dissemination and international connection, to understand what changes need to be made and what aspects must be taken into account to achieve them. Structural, emotional, technological, environmental, educational, economic and social changes.


MUTEK Symposium: a future without gender' presents a program with more than 20 speakers - mainly from Spain, Argentina and UK - participating in different panels, keynotes, workshops and interviews. Distributed in 3 MAIN BLOCKS, the following topics, among others, will be addressed:

Analysis of different studies published with a gender perspective.
Detect the challenges faced by the sector and propose what to do to correct the inequalities detected.
Special focus on technology as an allied tool -or not- for the transformation of a genderless world.

Principal Cuadrado Simposio


Exclusively online content series. 'Virtual Tips' invites different professionals to share their expertise through advice on topics such as: sustainability in the management of your artistic proposal (blue rider, improving the carbon footprint of a project...); tools for engineers and sound designers; how to make an event more equal; types of funds available for artists; how an event organizer can apply for funds that support projects with a gender perspective; how to write an artist biography; or among many others, how to manage frustration in times of pandemic.


Connecting for the first time Latin America and Europe with the rest of its counterparts in the world, Virtual Market, professional area of the Swapcard platform, will bring together more than 300 projects, institutions, professionals with different roles in the music and creative industry, creators, and platforms from around the world, whose work revolves around or has a focus on gender and/or diversity issues.

Each project will have a Booth (virtual space) that will allow them to expose themselves and connect with Symposium attendees, generate networking and virtual private meetings with other professional profiles and/or companies and institutions working on related projects; and ultimately amplify their project at an international level.

There will also be an extra quota of booths reserved for artists from the MIMTEK scholarship program in collaboration with MiM, The Bass Valley Barcelona and MUTEKES.

At the same time, during the Amplify Digital Arts Initiave Symposium, the platform will hold a special program for its network of creators from different parts of the world: Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Great Britain.


Access exclusively to the virtual platformSwapcard, will cost 5 euros and will give access during the two days to the entire program and the professional area Virtual Market.

The content of panels, presentations and workshops will be available on demand and will be presented in different time slots depending on the area.

In Barcelona, 'MUTEK Symposium: a future without gender' will be held in a hybrid format. From the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm, panels, workshops and face-to-face content will be held, which will be in virtual streaming connection with MUTEKAR participants and available on demand for all Swapcard attendees.

The capacity is limited (30 people per day) and the price will be 10 euros per day. It will include face-to-face networking sessions and some exclusive content.

Who is the target audience?

MUTEK Symposium: a future without gender' is a unique opportunity to connect professionals and experts in cultural management, creators, institutions, projects and professionals who want to urgently advance in terms of diversity and inclusion in the industry, through the exchange of knowledge between experts, joining a global meeting of reflection and debate with a gender perspective and promoting a real analysis of gender dynamics in the sector of sound and digital creativity, which contribute to the disappearance of any kind of discrimination.

MUTEK trajectory and commitment

MUTEK Symposium is a reflection of the founding values of the MUTEK platform to promote equity, equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity, through the exhibition and participation of projects driven by creators who identify primarily with the female gender, as well as non-binary, transgender, queer or non-visibilized minorities, in its various activities globally.

A commitment that began in 2017 at MUTEK Montreal with the presentation of the MUTEK Symposium: Keychange:Amplify, the result of its involvement -on the front line- in the Keychange movement led by the PRS Foundation, which that same year achieved the commitment of 45 festivals and congresses around the planet, to achieve gender parity in the posters for their 2022 editions.

Created by the British Council, in partnership with MUTEK Montreal, MUTEK AR and Somerset House Studios, the objectives of the AMPLIFY D.A.I program have since expanded, consolidating itself as a platform for dialogue on access and equality, while providing professional and networking opportunities, and committing resources to elevate and promote the contemporary and dynamic artistic practices of each cohort. More than 80 female-identified artists have participated in the initiative, which debuted at MUTEK during the same year that the festival first achieved gender parity. The program is supported by the Conseil des Arts du Canada and the Williams Foundation.

AMPLIFY D.A.I has taken place at the 2018 and 2019 editions of MUTEK in Montreal, Buenos Aires and Mexico City; in Barcelona, representatives of the program participated in different panels, framed around International Women's Day.

In March 2020, inspired by that first edition of AMPLIFY D.A.I in Montreal, the MUTEKES platform presented its first Symposium with the aim of continuing the MUTEK global network's commitment to contribute to the empowerment of women creators in the digital arts and electronic music, illuminating and driving cultural change around inclusion and gender equality that reduces the gap between women and men within these industries, and making visible artists from marginalized creative scenes.

Finally in 2021, this first joint edition of the MUTEKES and MUTEKAR Gender and Diversity Symposium will take place in collaboration with Amplify Digital Arts Initiative.

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