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April 15, 2021
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MUTEK ES+AR presents MUTEK Connect: Montreal, México DF, Tokyo, València

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JUMP CUT #2 (Marie Davidson + Dana Gingras + Sabrina Ratté), Oscar Mulero, Intercity-Express, Ouri among the projects to be presented at

4 programs, 15 shows, 4 cities

In response to the global situation generated by the pandemic in 2020, the MUTEK International Network launched a new initiative called MUTEK Connect, interconnecting, bridging and sustaining the artistic and professional communities of its different venues through its new platform

Since then, taking advantage of each edition of the festival in different countries, MUTEK Connect, presents an extensive virtual program of recorded live shows -in a hybrid format- and a gallery of digital artworks. This has already provided more than 100 artists and professionals with an opportunity to expand audiences, share experiences with other creative communities and generate new exhibition opportunities. (MUTEK Connect 2020 Tour)

MUTEK Connect
joins the hybrid edition of MUTEK ES+AR from May 3 to 9, adding a total of 15 recorded performances in 4 cities and in addition, in connection with all the content of the live activities in Barcelona and Buenos Aires for a global audience through the platform

Discover the first selection of artists of MUTEK Connect and immerse yourself in the international programming of the online festival; in what is presented as a sonic and audiovisual journey as diverse as it is surprising.

+ Join MUTEK Connect by registering for free and enjoy live performances, an interactive gallery, talks and workshops among other surprises.

Connect MUTEK Montréal

Guillaume Coutu Dumont (CA/QC) / JUMP CUT #2 (Marie Davidson + Dana Gingras + Sabrina Ratté) (CA/QC/FR) / Line Katcho (CA/QC) / OBUXUM (CA) / Ouri (CA/QC/FR)

From Montreal comes a program that mixes the musical shows of Guillaume Coutu Dumont and OBUXUM, a powerful audiovisual show by Line Katcho or the electro acoustic performance of Ouri.

The program will present the second episode of the JUMP CUT project, a web series of six streaming collaborations between international multidisciplinary artists. Conceived by Dana Gingras / Animals of Distinction as a way to survive and thrive in these times.

will feature Montreal artist Marie Davidson, Quebec video artist Sabrina Ratté and Montreal choreographer and dancer Dana Gingras. Treating the body as a living sculpture, the emphasis will be on capturing the minutiae of movement and transforming the human body into a virtual body through augmented reality techniques. This digital transformation process will then dialogue with sound to create an experimental audiovisual creation.

News Jump Cut

Connect MUTEK México

CNDSD & Iván Abreu (MX) / Jiony & Sabme (MX) / Nohbords & AA MX - DORJE (MX) / Pepe Mogt - Magia Awi (MX)

The program features Jiony mixing nu jazz to Latin music in a flourishing techno and trip-hop base that is complemented by the surrealism, geometry and dreamlike symbols manifested in Sabme's creations. 'Desierta', an intense display of live cinema coding of musical aesthetics that hybridizes introspective landscapes, noise glitch and intricate rhythms written live by CNDSD with graphics of 3D spaces intervened with generative animation, real-time video synthesis and expressive light control programmed by Abreu.

Pepe Mogt proposes his live performance of ambient music, electronic rhythms, kraut beats and monolithic illuminations, a project inspired by the Yuman legend of the serpent Maija Awi, founding myth of the Kumiai people. The contemporary dance project Nohbords directed by Diego Mur combines with the visual adventures of artist Andrés Arochi to translate this sum of body exercises and choreographic compositions into a stimulating intervention of immersive melancholy that Sebastián Lechuga floods with the sonic nuances of his compositions.

News Nohbords AA

Connect MUTEK Japón

INOYAMALAND & Manami Sakamoto (JP) / Intercity-Express (JP) / Manami Kakudo (JP)

The Connect MUTEK JP program features three performances recorded during the NANO MUTEK JP event in early February. The Inoyama duo, known for their connection to the environmental music movement Kankyou Ongaku, joins forces with visual artist Manami Sakamoto. Singer-songwriter Manami Kakudo brings her full band to the stage for an all-analog performance. Finally, Intercity-Express presents its updated Save Lives. version of the unleashing of its audiovisual masterpiece.

News Manami Kokudo

Connect VOlumens

Oscar Mulero (ES)

MUTEK ES+AR connects with the International Festival of Art, Science and Technology VOlumens presenting a set by Oscar Mulero, created especially for its special edition VOlumens RESET, from one of the best stages in Valencia: the City of Arts and Sciences. A journey ranging from ambient, in Alpha and Omega version, to IDM spiced with breaks and electro structures, sometimes dreamy, sometimes futuristic and robotic.

News Oscar Mulero
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