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December 20, 2023
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MUTEK ES unveils the first wave of artists for its 15th anniversary

MUTEK ES 2024 copia

Actress, Ricardo Villalobos, Hatis Noit, Nick León & Ezra Miller, Jlin and Sofia Kourtesis among the confirmed

MUTEK Barcelona unveils the first wave of artists for its 15th anniversary edition in Barcelona. After a sabbatical year, the festival returns from 9 to 13 April as one of the city's longest-running events of electronic music and digital creativity, constantly mutating between past, present and future, ready to provide new opportunities to reconnect and bring together national and international electronic musicians and digital artists.

After having announced Autechre as the first artists on the line-up last October, a total of 16 artists have now been unveiled who will present their live performances, A/V shows and installations in 6 different locations: Sala Apolo, Roca Gallery, P62, Antigua Fábrica Estrella Damm and Nista/Astin.

Among the new names joining the line-up are Actress, Hatis Noit, Martin Messier, Jlin, Nick León & Ezra Miller, Ricardo Villalobos and Sofia Kourtesis. These names are followed by other artists such as Datum Cut, HiTech, Iglooghost, Maher Daniel, Michelle, Noémi Büchi, Pelada, Sian Fan and SPIME.IM, who will not miss this new edition full of novelty and eclecticism.

Originally from Canada, MUTEK has a solid international network that spans the Americas, Europe and Asia. It promotes a new vision that fosters digital creativity and the exchange of ideas with creatives from all over the world, and for 2024, not only will it celebrate its fifteenth anniversary in Barcelona, but it will also mark the 20th anniversary of MUTEK Mexico and the quarter century of MUTEK Montreal.

Sofia Kourtesis Dan Medhurst 4837


Actress (UK), Autechre (UK), Datum Cut (CA/QC), Hatis Noit (​​JP), HiTech (US), Iglooghost (UK), Jlin (US), Maher Daniel (PS/US), Martin Messier (CA/QC), Michelle (UY), Nick Leon & Ezra Miller (US), Noémi Büchi (CH), Ricardo Villalobos (CL), Pelada (CA/QC), Sian Fan (UK), Sofia Kourtesis (PE/DE), SPIME .IM (IT)

Highlights in this first wave of premieres and debuts:

In terms of world premieres, Actress will land in Barcelona to present his latest studio album 'LXXXVVVVIII', which is none other than the culmination of 25 years of perfecting audio infusions for dance floors, festivals, raves and concert halls. Martin Messier, the Québécois artist who represents the MUTEK DNA and who will premiere in Spain his most recent project, "1 Drop 1000 Years" an original performance that reflects on a fundamental process for the balance of life: homeostasis.

Nick León, the guardian of the Miami club sound that is only growing with his rhythmic and lively productions, will join designer and visual artist Ezra Miller, known for his inventive and fluid creations that span real-time generative art, interactive websites, live performances and immersive experiences, for the Spanish premiere of their audiovisual collaboration.

The icing on the cake for the fifteenth anniversary of MUTEK ES could not be another: Ricardo Villalobos. After presenting his live project VILOD at MUTEK ES 2016, together with Max Loderbauer, Ricardo will return behind the decks for a unique occasion, celebrating the 20th anniversary of his masterpiece, Alcachofa, recently reissued on Perlon.

Making her debut in Barcelona, Sofia Kourtesis, the Peruvian producer, vocalist and DJ based in Berlin, who will present her album 'Madres' at the festival with a moving live audiovisual performance.

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Other international additions to the line-up:

Datum Cut: the Montréal-based artist whose practice is developed in a multiplicity of media and who will make his debut in the city in collaboration with Bureau du Québec Barcelona.

Hatis Noit: the Japanese vocal performer from faraway Shiretoko in Hokkaido, now based in London, will perform at MUTEK through a live audiovisual performance of all her projects that deconstruct and recombine Western classical ambient atmosphere, Japanese folk and nature itself. Presented with the support of the Japan Foundation.

HiTech: the Detroit-based triple-threat collaboration between rapper/producer/DJ King Milo, Milf Melly and 47Chops, which is putting a modern twist on the electrifying ghettotech sound, will make its Barcelona debut with a performance presenting its new album DÉTWAT.

Iglooghost: UK-based artist who creates music, artworks and puzzles that gravitate around a fictional ecosystem of strange entities and tiny gods.

Maher Daniel: who will also be part of this very special edition of MUTEK Barcelona with his multifaceted and ever-growing catalogue of music.

Michelle: the Uruguayan who mixes enigmatic dark sounds, acid bass lines and is always marked by a peculiar grace and rhythm.

Noémi Büchi: Swiss-French composer and sound artist whose music creates a maximalist electronic symphonism, defined by textural rhythms and electro-acoustic and orchestral abstraction.

Pelada: the duo of Chris Vargas and Tobias Rochman who emerged from Montreal's underground rave scene in 2014, and thanks to Bureau du Québec Barcelona will bring to MUTEK an exhilarating live performance mixing urgent Spanish-language vocals focused on issues of power, control and social justice with hardware samplers, synthesizers and drum machines. With the support of the Bureau du Québec Barcelona.

Sian Fan: the interdisciplinary artist who combines movement, the female body and technology to explore embodiment, spirituality and the human experience in the digital age and will present an installation supported by the British Council.

SPIME.IM: an artistic collective based in Turin that aims to investigate, through transmedia projects, the aesthetics and languages derived from the affirmation of digital reality. With the support of Isitituto Italiano di Cultura Barcellona.

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The last (very limited) Passports are now on sale. They give access to all the activities and concerts of the festival between the 9th and the 13th of April 2024. If you want to live the whole MUTEK experience, don't miss out on your Passport!


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