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November 30, 2020
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Connect MUTEK.ES conectando talento local para una audiencia global.

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Connect MUTEKES presents Murcof & Sergi Palau, Tarta Relena, Balago and Francesco Tristano; A/V pieces by Alba G. Corral and VR exhibits by Hiroaki Umeda and Ryoichi Kurokawa

As part of MUTEK Connect, MUTEKES presents a program of multidisciplinary activities in a hybrid format of physical and virtual events, connecting, from Barcelona, with the joint edition of MUTEK JP + MX.

Alba G. Corral ES / Balago CAT/ES / Francesco Tristano presents: Pianorig Sessions LU / Hiroaki Umeda (VR) JP / Murcof & Sergi Palau: The Alias Sessions MX/ES / Ryoichi Kurokawa (VR) JP / Tarta Relena CAT/ES

MUTEKES returns to the Sala Máquinas stage of the Antigua Fàbrica Estrella Damm, to produce a live recording of the progressive Gregorian folk duo, formed by Marta Torrella and Helena Ros, Tarta Relena; and Balago presenting ¨sound collage pieces¨ from their latest project "Els altres" (Foehn, 2020). The performances are produced in collaboration with the stage design studio Atmosferas and the film and video production company We Connected.

Murcof and Sergi Palau present an unreleased video piece with visuals created by Palau specifically for the occasion and with music from the upcoming double album The Alias ​​Sessions, by the Mexican artist based in Girona, Murcof, which includes sound pieces created for the Swiss dance company, Alias, among other songs from past releases.

Strengthening the Tokyo - Barcelona connection, the Digi Lab program, supported by the Japan Foundation, will feature a live streamed Talk + Q&A by the renowned Japanese artist and choreographer Hiroaki Umeda who will also present a VR version of a choreographic piece at the BAU design center. On the other hand, the Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa will premiere his new VR piece, in s.asmbli (VR 360) at the IAAC institute of advanced architecture in Catalonia.

The Digi Lab program continues the synergies created with these centers in the past editions of the MUTEK Barcelona Festival, with the aim to share and expand knowledge; on this occasion linking future digital creators in creative disciplines related to design and architecture to the possibilities of designing spaces in VR format linked to artistic concepts. Over 200 students will be able to see the pieces.

For the Virtual Gallery of the MUTEK Connect program, MUTEKES presents two fascinating AV landscapes created by the visual artist Alba G. Corral.

The first piece was generated in real time, interacting live with her own musical alias Namba, By The Sea’, originally presented as part of the Sculpted with Light & Sound events last March in Madrid, in collaboration with Roca Madrid Gallery.

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The second is entitled ‘Continuumm’, a new piece with music by the Catalan composer and pianist Carles Viarnés, with whom she has collaborated for years on different projects. For this occasion, Alba has created a video on a theme from Viarnés' latest album ‘Nun’, using a mixed technique between drawing in real time with processing and post-production with blender.

Finally, the second installment of Francesco Tristano'sPianoring Sessions’ project, which was produced live, without an audience and exclusively for the program of the first virtual edition of MUTEKSF: NEXUS Experience last May, will be retransmitted as part of the Connect program.

The live program will be streamed on our virtual festival platform ​ between Wednesday, December 9 and Sunday, December 13, 2020. To make listening easier and open to wider audiences, each performance is premiered and then replayed according to Asian, European/African and American time zones.

In order to develop sustainable models rooted in renewing the appreciation and valuation for creative practice, which is aimed at benefiting local artistic communities, as well as our extended networks of technicians, freelancers, and cultural organizations, we ask for a contribution of $10 USD to access the full virtual festival experience.

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