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Nocturne 3

12.03 | 11:59 pm_6:00 am
Live A/V: 2:30 am

Since making her debut in 2016, multidisciplinary British artist Shygirl has maintained the same ethos: that people are not two-dimensional. Her search for kindred spirits in the British capital's underground led her to co-found one of the London scene's most vital collectives: club label NUXXE. At its helm, she turned it into a defining force living both on the fringes of pop and in the dark heart of club music.

Now, following the release of her thunderous Alias EP, Shygirl stands as one of the world's most exciting new artists. From a perfectly balanced line-up of producers to the creation of her digital avatar -Bbz- Shygirl's 'Alias' universe is a masterclass in curation and creative flair. Described as "a brilliant portal to the future" by Pitchfork, the EP uses a rich creative universe to tell the story of one artist's multiple identities in an ever-changing cultural landscape. Conceptualised by Shygirl herself, her Bbz -exaggerated elements of her personality that have taken on a life of their own- provide a common thread for the project, appearing everywhere from her self-directed music videos to magazine covers.

The EP features production from long-time collaborator Sega Bodega and the late pop pioneer SOPHIE, while remixes of the singles have been provided by music heavyweights such as Boys Noize and Basement Jaxx. Last summer, Shygirl also shared a collaboration with Arca entitled "Unconditional", the proceeds of which were dedicated to charities related to the Black Lives Matter movement.

All of these recent works will sound louder than ever at her stellar and highly anticipated appearance at MUTEK Barcelona 2022, in what will undoubtedly be one of the most relevant performances of the beginning of the year.