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Paula RebellatoBR

Paula Rebellato<sup>BR</sup>
Paula RebellatoBR

Paula Rebellato is a multidisciplinary artist based in São Paulo, Brasil. Her journey with music began early, and it became a more consistent path when she co founded the band Rakta. Active since 2011, and with many releases, the group performed extensively through South America, Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan, witnessing a vertiginous rise, for a band that originated on the punk DIY scene of São Paulo. Being featured in mainstream and underground media outlets, such as Folha de São Paulo (BRA), The Wire Magazine, The Guardian and Fact Magazine (UK), Rakta keeps building a solid and broad career, both nationally and overseas.

Her solo project, ACAVERNUS, active since 2013, showcases a persona and sonic language that delve more into obscurity, roaming around noise, drone and electronic music, through compositions that evoke the mythical landscapes inhabiting our collective memories.

Most of her livesets have only a rehearsed, pre-planned beginning, leaving the rest for improvisation, being conducted by the vulnerability of the moment. Her voice work, processed by different effect pedals, takes the listener to comfortable and uncomfortable places. In 2018, she recorded vocals for a Brazilian horror movie, "Morto Não Fala", directed by Dennison Ramalho.

2021 sees the release of her first album, the ''12 LP "Gnose", a collaborative effort with Yantra, by Peruvian label Buh Records. The album was featured with high praise by Bandcamp's weekly Essential Releases, as well as being reviewed by The Wire Magazine. ACAVERNUS has performed in many Brazilian festivals, such as Novas Frequências (SP), Eletronika (BH), Bigorna (SP), Exploratório (SESC SP), Dia Da Música (SP), SP na Rua (SP), as well as in Peru (Festival Integraciones), USA, Mexico and Colombia.

Through the years, Paula has had other projects, such as Mauna Kea, Hierofante, Cortina, keeping as active as possible on São Paulo's artistic/experimental scene, as a performer, collaborating in projects and releases, or organizing concerts and gigs. In 2016, she took part on 'Pulso' artistic residency at Red Bull Station (SP), and again in 2019 at Sonâncias Lab (BH), project on which she co-produced (with Daniel Nunes) an EP for the electronic duo Hostil, based in Goiânia.

She also plays drums on Duplo, which she cofounded in 2018, as well as developing her own work with illustrations and visual arts. In that same year, she took part on her first collective exhibit at Laje gallery in São Paulo, besides many other artists.

Monthly she hosts a show named O.M. on Veneno Live Radio, and in 2021 she released her first album with her given name - "Tape Loops Vol. 1". The album was featured in The Wire Magazine. Finally, in 2022, she opened a bar and independent culture space with two other friends called Porta, and now she has been working producing shows and events as well as working on her own studio with musical production. On June 7th she will present a collaborative movie and release a single through Pwr Records, a brazilian label focused on women artists.

In 2021 she worked alongside with Canadian artist Venom within Artlab Artistic Residences x Amplify D.A.I, and their final work will be presented at Mutek AR 2022.