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Paco CavallerCAT/ES

Paco Cavaller<sup>CAT/ES</sup>
Paco CavallerCAT/ES

Paco Cavaller is a young Catalan journalist specialising in the promotion of the electronic music scene. But in between writing, he also finds time to develop his other great hobby: digging and music selection. His mixes, many of them published on his Mixcloud profile, show how his preferences for styles have evolved over the last 7 years since he started mixing in 2014.

Currently, his predilection for ambient, downtempo, 80s electronica and reminiscences of italo-disco and italo-house set the tone every time he appears on a DJ booth in his native Barcelona, something that, on the other hand, is rare to see.


Catalan DJ and journalist, Paco Cavaller


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