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IWD | MUTEK ES x Spain

08.03 | 7:00 pm_2:00 am
DJ set

Eclecticism is Omvra’s philosophy. From a small town of Sicily to Barcelona, her passion for electronic music started very early as a clubber, eventually turning this passion into a mission more than ten years ago.

Influenced by the darkest styles of electronic music, Omvra’s selection can vary from powerful music for energetic sets intended for a, dimly lit, dance floor, where people can lose themselves in a furious and frenetic dance, to a selection for an experimental sonic journey apt to introspection or “just listening” moments. Omvra’s love for the sound of the eighties represents her musical essence with styles as newbeat, coldwave, ebm or post punk.

Her sets are driven by the principle of chaos, where everything can happen, even freestyle vocals filtered by a delay pedal. At the moment, Omvra is focusing on producing her music and discovering her own sound. In April 2021, she released “Details” in collaboration with Esteros Live Project while she is also producing music for different audiovisual projects in collaboration with dancer and actress Mellow Pillow.

Omvra performed in Barcelona (Macarena, City Hall, Sala Instinto, Slow Club, The Garage of the Bass Valley, This Side Up, Ameba Park Fest, Bug Fest, A Love Supreme Fest, Femnøise Fest), Madrid (La Casa Encendida), Ibiza (Dunes), Berlin (Rummels Bucht, Minimal Bar), Lisbon (East Side Radio), Amsterdam (Easy Time), and Paris (Palais Brongniart).