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An auteur in her own right, Sara Magnan, aka Magnanime, creates a techno-house hybrid, rife with immersive experimental nuances, embracing mistakes of technology and recycling odd noises into her perpetually evolving, beat-driven repertoire. Her music takes inspiration from her dreams and transcendental experiences. She is in a state of constant reinvention and metamorphosis and is not without sociopolitical undertones.

The past decade has been major for Magnan, seeing the official release of her 12” EP Don’t Wait for Me on Chicago label Siteholder – plus a remix by Akufen. She was also part of Perlon106: Horror inc. Remixed. Her recent compositions exude a slow-burning intrigue with warped tape loop vocals, staccato beats, an evocative sample arsenal, sustained synthesizer rhythms and processed vocals, all of which place her somewhere on the far edge of house.

In 2019 and 2020, she composed music for two contemporary plays by YouTheatre, a theater company that creates innovative, interdisciplinary, and memorable works that connect with today’s digital natives.

Live, Magnanime’s forward-thinking production process and enthusiasm for listeners’ reactions shines. Aware of her environment, she manifests a dance music experience that is a kind of exchange with the audience.


Montréal musician and producer Sara Magnan


Siteholder, CCCLTD, Klangscheiben, Perlon 106, Chez kito Kat, Magnanime


Crossing the ocean (YouTheatre, 2021)
Phoney Baloney EP (2020)
1954 EP (Chez kito Kat, 2020)
Kissing Game from (YouTheatre, 2019)


She developed her electroacoustic techniques in part at Recording Arts Canada and in technical direction in the contemporary dance world.