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Linalab & TurbulenteCO/ES+MX/ES

Linalab & Turbulente<sup>CO/ES+MX/ES</sup>
Linalab & TurbulenteCO/ES+MX/ES

Linalab (CO/ES) & Turbulente (MX/ES) are two artists based in Barcelona and actively part of the live coding community Toplap Barcelona. Don't miss their MUTEK collaboration feature at Brava Arts Weekend - BAW! at 10pm on Saturday, March 30th.

Their work is based on >>> live coding practices, where the visibility of the code <<< and its live manipulation are an important part of the philosophy and aesthetic intention of the performance.

Both artists enjoy embracing the risk of programming code as a live act and specially as a creative challenge for a guided improvisation between them.

Together they have presented different A/V live projects expanding the possibilites of the common formats of live coding, such as: [0] “I should have slept more” (360 Dome Experience, Cosmo Caixa), [1] CRash Landing (Interactive embodied performance, Utrecht), [2] Coded Distance (Networked Performance, Online), [3] Textualidades en Contingencia (Online-Mexico City), [++] among other live coding improvisation performances.

Both currently participate in the feminist live coding community >>> Livecodera and collaborate in artistic research <<< projects with the collective