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IN.Orgánico is an audiovisual performance that reflects on the advance of technical rationality over the organic. Living organisms and digital organisms are part of a single ecosystem. How do we live and interact with what surrounds us? From what place do we link with our environment? In the current supremacy of the market, whose main objective is profit, there is an exploitation that corrupts natural environments. Through the digitalization of the sound and visual landscapes of Monte Chaqueño, manipulated with programming languages ​​in real time, we present the tension of the technological-organic contrast, seeking to re-assume technology and modern ways of living as part of an expression natural human in balance with the organic that precedes us and sustains us as a species. We want to reflect, accompany and coexist with our nature and our environment through art.

Iris Saladino is an Argentine livecoder, producer and creative programmer. She trained in Contemporary Music at the Lic. en Música (UNTReF), she got to know the world of analog synthesis with Ernesto Romeo, with whom she later worked in the specialized recording studio La Siesta del Fauno. Within the framework of the “Aromatorio” Research Project, directed by Bruno Mesz (UNTReF, Art and Science), she took a Postgraduate Specialization course in SuperCollider (UNA) with Dr. Lucas Samaruga. She was a resident of inTaD (UNA) in CASo and of the Grame group (IRCAM) in UNSAM. She collaborated with the production of the Festival Pluscode 2018 and worked on the pre-production and production of "Narratives crossed", assisting Celina Pla in the Innovation axis. She made a collective exhibition of author arcade video games and author electronic music at the CCR. She collaborated with the exhibition of the collective “Pungas de Villa Martelli” at the Informatics Museum. She was part of the development team of Abre, a startup that promotes cultural projects, in a Front End Developer role.

She did livecoding in the framework of Nano Mutek's Amplify (Museo Sívori). She made an intervention (Processing + Supercollider) at the closing of the exhibition "In real time" by Vivian Galbán (Galería Rolf). She also played at the opening of the exhibition "A Discreet Sky" by Javier Bilatz (Pavilion 4). She made the first livecoding performance in fulldome format in the framework of the GridX demo-day (Buenos Aires Planetarium). She played at the Planetarium of Bogotá for the Festival Domo Lleno 2022. With the pandemic, she played via streaming for the following festivals: Pitch Shift - SoCal Synth Society (United States), Network Music Festival (Germany), No Bounds Festival (England), Piksel Festival (Holland), Overkill Festival (Norway), Spam Arts (Argentina), Algorave - LiveCodeNY (United States), Proyecto Mutar (Peru), Mutek Spain and other websites (, Equinox Stream, Solstice Stream). She also streamed for Pompeu Favra University, invited by Dr. Anna Xambó. After the pandemic, she played at Tecnópolis with Belén Rohde.

Belén Rohde is an audiovisual artist, musician and producer from Chaco, Argentina. She is currently the director of a recording studio located in a nature reserve space in Colonia Benitez, which is the place where she lives. She works in search of the organic and the inorganic as two contrasts that can coexist with each other, digitizing sounds of nature and working with multimedia art as a natural expression of the human being. She studied the career of Professional Musician at EMBA in Buenos Aires with the piano as his main instrument, with which he currently develops through composition and improvisation. She studied synthesis with Ernesto Romeo at La Siesta del Fauno where in recent years she has made several experimental recordings fusing the feedback of nature sounds and modular synthesizers with the guidance of Ernesto Romeo.

She played at Tecnopolis with Iris Saladino, presenting the set, and at Los Cielos Que Miramos, at CECUAL live soundtracks about the QOM and indigenous worldview in the second edition of Los Patrimonios son Politicos, accompanying Desiderio Lorenzo, native poet QOM, with whom she currently works soundtracking and recording stories and poetry in QOM. She played at ECO.sys, an A/V installation show of electronic and acoustic improvisation and experimentation that explores the concepts of nature and technology at Casa de Las Culturas Chaco. She was principal pianist in the feminist tango orchestra La Empoderada Orquesta Atípica. She produced Conecta.LAB, a cycle of concerts, interactive installations and workshops related to improvisation and multimedia experimentation. Within this, she created several interactive installations related to sound and movement. She currently directs Centro Casa Estudio, an art studio located in a nature reserve space in Chaco.