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Asdrúbal GomezVE

Asdrúbal Gomez<sup>VE</sup>
Asdrúbal GomezVE

Asdrúbal Gómez Aka (AsdrV) is a Venezuelan visual and digital artist, teacher and audiovisual performer who has lived for almost eight years in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

He studied Audiovisual Sciences and Photography at the Rodolfo Loero Arismendi Technical University. He is currently part of the International Gallery 1_1pr_f2r_sm_ as a resident artist. He has participated in projects such as Anima-Here Augmented Reality platform developed for The Wrong Biennale and Cat Cradle Expo of AR curated by Salón Oblique (Berlin), Acéfalaga Art Clinic (Buenos Aires) and other cycles of Digital Art. He has also done cover art work for various international Experimental Music labels.

Asdrúbal develops works inspired by the new digital ecosystems and abstraction, building hybrid experiences and landscapes between digital art, post-organicism and post-nature, and explores versatile possibilities that come together in performance, mixing different processes and software.