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Coco FrancavillaIT

Wider Sounds
Coco Francavilla<sup>IT</sup>
Coco FrancavillaIT
Wider Sounds
MUTEK Symposium PANEL 2

12.04 | 5:00 pm
Speaker: 5:00 pm

Coco Francavilla is a versatile artist, merging her skills as a film composer, sound engineer, music producer and acoustic architect. With over 20 years in the music industry, she delves into the ethereal and emotive realms of electronic music. Notably, she collaborated with iconic figures like Tricky from Massive Attack, earning the affectionate title of "the female version of me."

Her performances have graced prestigious festivals worldwide, including Sonar, MUTEK, and Glastonbury among others. Renowned for her cinematic approach, she has crafted genre-defying compositions for film trailers such as Blade Runner 2049 and scored critically acclaimed films like Friedkin Uncut, exploring the life of director icon William Friedkin (The Exorcist / French Connection) and S for Stanley, chronicling Stanley Kubrick's life. Coco collaborates with esteemed artists across the songwriting, experimental ambient, and techno scenes, including Adam Beyer, while also serving as a sound engineer and music director with AFTERLIFE - Tale Of Us /MRAK Project - both in the studio and on stage during world tours. Beyond her creative pursuits, Coco is the founder of WIDER SOUNDS, a sonic platform, recording studio, and artist residency nestled in the heart of Ibiza.

Driven by her passion for the sea and environmental advocacy, she recently launched, fostering connections between the electronic music community and innovators and scientists to support marine conservation. Presently, Coco captivates audiences with her sound meditation sessions, exploring Theta Waves. These intimate ambient sets feature modular synths and vibro-acoustic instruments, tapping into Binaural Beats stimulation associated with deep relaxation, meditation, creativity, and intuitive awareness. Coco resides in the Ibiza countryside with her family, embracing a sustainable lifestyle while remaining devoted to holistic practices.