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Digi Lab 3: Talk

Digi Lab 3: Talk
Digi Lab 3: Talk

Thursday, March 5, 2020
4:00 pm_7:00 pm

Casa MUTEK x Reebok


Interconnectivity is a clear objective set by the festival. Throughout the week, talks, lectures and presentations will take place at Casa MUTEK. On thursday afternoon, MUTEK collaborates again with the, online radio platform. There will be live interviews from artists performing at the festival, as well as other influential people from the industry and the global MUTEK universe.

Medium-format festivals manage to distil a personality and uniqueness that highlights artistic proposals and crossovers of disciplines that are diluted in other festivals. They manage to create community dynamics and closeness between the public and the artist. We talk with MIRA, MUTEK, Eufònic and LOOM about their idiosyncrasies, their convergences and their differences. On their role as artistic curators and on the musical offer in a territory. Their survival, the future and about their essence. What is their reason for being?

MUTEK - Event Placeholder