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Tristan ArpUS

Tristan Arp<sup>US</sup>
Tristan ArpUS

Complexity to detail and sound narratives full of intention. Tristan Arp, multimedia artist, painter and producer, borders and expands the possibilities of ambient and polyrhythmic electronica through intricate conceptual lines and a delicate weave between organic and synthetic sounds.

Originally from Michigan but based in Mexico City since 2019, Tristan Arp uses primarily modular synthesizers and cello with a special intuition for the display of rhythms and beats. His distinctive sonic signature can also be felt in Asa Tone, a polyrhythmic ensemble that he is a part of. In addition to production and sound design, Tristan Arp paints and explores visual media, while running the Human Pitch label in collaboration with Simisea.

On his debut album Sculpturegardening (Wisdom Teeth, 2021), Tristan Arp collaborates with machines to deliver a warm, precious sound that asks us to be enjoyed as a wild but delicate garden.

Producer, sound designer, painter and multimedia artist Tristan Arp.


Producer, sound designer, painter and multimedia artist Tristan Arp.


Wisdom Teeth, Human Pitch, Eternal Ocean


Entangled Beings (Unknown Untitled, 2022), split EP with Kallen303.


Tracks from his EP Suggested forms (2020) have remixes by Machine Woman, Beta Librae and Kelman Duran.