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IWD | MUTEK ES x Spain

08.03 | 7:00 pm_2:00 am

Sunesis, born in Buenos Aires and living in Barcelona since 2016, Singer, lyricist and producer of synthwave/synthpop with space overtones (Spacewave). Back in Argentina, Sunesis took part of a 2 year course in Producing Music with Synthesizers with the renowned Ernesto Romeo. She was also a member of an ensemble of synths 'Synth Surfers Ensemble' that toured in Europe in 2014. Although she has been in multiple musical projects since she was 16 years old, after finishing her Bachelor in Medicine and moving out to Spain, Barcelona, on May 22, 2020 she released her first EP under the pseudonym Sunesis: Music For Space Stations. Sunesis's musical history is accompanied by multiple collaborations and 'features' with international artists and has published several singles throughout the year 2020 and 2021. She mostly produces with hardware synths: Prophet Rev2, Microkorg XL+, Volca Sample/Keys, PO14, Ableton. Her music is intimate, dreamy, fragile and cinematographic. Sounds like: Board of Canada, Massive Attack, Portishead, Cocteau Twins. Sunesis has performed in various venues in Barcelona (Freedonia Association, Sala Apolo, Sala Upload and more), in Madrid (Maravillas Club) and in Vinaròs. Sunesis is the creator of Synthwave Spain on Facebook and co-creator of the 'Electric Synthicate' Collective (artists from Spain based on music with synthesizers.

Sunesis; nacida en Buenos Aires y residente en Barcelona desde 2016, Cantante, letrista y productora de synthwave/synthpop con tintes espaciales (Spacewave). De vuelta en Argentina, Sunesis formó parte de un curso de 2 años de producción musical con sintetizadores con el reconocido Ernesto Romeo. También formó parte de un ensamble de sintetizadores 'Synth Surfers Ensemble' que realizó una gira por Europa en 2014. Aunque ha estado en múltiples proyectos musicales desde los 16 años, tras terminar su licenciatura en Medicina y mudarse a España, Barcelona, el 22 de mayo de 2020 lanzó su primer EP bajo el seudónimo Sunesis: Music For Space Stations. La historia musical de Sunesis viene acompañada de múltiples colaboraciones y 'features' con artistas internacionales y ha publicado varios singles a lo largo del año 2020 y 2021. Produce principalmente con sintetizadores de hardware: Prophet Rev2, Microkorg XL+, Volca Sample/Keys, PO14, Ableton. Su música es íntima, soñadora, frágil y cinematográfica. Suena como: Board of Canada, Massive Attack, Portishead, Cocteau Twins. Sunesis ha actuado en varias salas de Barcelona (Asociación Freedonia, Sala Apolo, Sala Upload y más), en Madrid (Maravillas Club) y en Vinaròs. Sunesis es el creador de Synthwave Spain en Facebook y co-creador del Colectivo 'Electric Synthicate' (artistas de España basados en música con sintetizadores.