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Sonya StefanCA

Sonya Stefan<sup>CA</sup>
Sonya StefanCA

Sonya Stefan is a Canadian dance and media artist whose practice includes analog glitches (high8|VHS), feedback light refractions, and hand-processed 16mm film.

She creates within curiosity and play, a place where the unexpected dance moves, between camera movement and cameraless cinematographic techniques. She is interested in virtual union, bodily changes in realms unknown and that defy her sense of time. She has a hard time adopting a slower pace, but dreams about it. Between collecting tube televisions on garbage day and long walks through the woods, she collects images of the changing natural world and then composes them to create meditation loops. She loves analog cameras and stock footage with which she will create digital hybrids for the foreseeable future.

Last November, she won the 2021 Best National Medium-length Film award at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) for her film “The Truss Arch”, a work of hers created with her 80-year-old mother.

At MUTEK AR 2022, Sonya will present their work together with the Argentine artist L41N_9, carried out within the Artistic Residencies Program x Amplify D.A.I and Artlab.