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Sofie BirchUK

Sofie Birch<sup>UK</sup>
Sofie BirchUK

11.03 | 8:00 pm_10:00 pm
Live: 7:00 pm

Sofie Birch is an electronic composer and sound artist. Based in Copenhagen, she works independently with sound and music for art projects, animation films and installations. Her headquarters is at Pomfrit Sound Wørks, a dual professional recording studio she founded together with Asbjørn Derdau. From there, she works on recording, producing and composing her music.

Sofie Birch has released 2 solo albums on the Danish label Infinite Waves and collaborated on several electronic and experimental music compilations. In her concerts, also solo and already known both in Denmark and in the Berlin avant-garde movement, she explores music through improvisation, experiments with the voice and analogue electronic apparatus.

MUTEK presents the Barcelona debut of Sofie Birch, one of the most representative artists of the fertile Danish experimental scene, supported by MXD (Music Export Denmark).