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Perila is an alias project that the Russian Aleksandra Zakharenko has developed for her own space on BCR (Berlin Community Radio). The German capital serves as her base. There she works on her expressionistic "sonic diary" of fieldwork and researches new electronic sounds.

Since her beginnings in her native St. Petersburg, Perila has always focused on experimental sounds. Many categorise her as an ambient producer, although her approach encompasses much more, ranging from song to musique concrète. Her voice and texts shine on 'Everything Is Already There' (Boomkat Editions, 2020) and her processed breaths shine on 'Meta Door L' (Paralaxe Editions, 2020).

Perila arrives at the 13th edition of MUTEK Barcelona with 'How Much Time It Is Between You And Me?', her debut album, under her arm. Released in June 2021 by Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound, the album is inspired by the concept of time, something that marked the Russian artist during the pandemic. Her staging explores how we feel music through the body and how we travel through that feeling.