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Nait Saves (Sofía Lecuona Pugno)AR

Nait Saves (Sofía Lecuona Pugno)<sup>AR</sup>
Nait Saves (Sofía Lecuona Pugno)AR

Nait Saves (aka Sofía Lecuona Pugno) is an Argentine sound landscaper and composer of cinematic electronics, organic ambient, and incidental music. As a transgender woman, Sofia expresses her search for identity through music and sound in a highly emotional way, accompanying the listener on a musical dream journey.

At one point in her life, people who listened to her music began to describe it as "landscape", and eventually Sofía knew that her vocation would be to musicalize visual arts, and that her compositions would be greatly influenced by the first loves of her childhood: cinema, literature and videogames.

Sofía studied Composition (UNR, Rosario), Music Teacher Training (Carlos Guastavino, Rosario) and Sound Design (UTN, BA). At the same time, she carried out musical production workshops, soundtracks and electronic music; she besides being a tireless self-taught apprentice.

As a composer of incidental music, she worked on the soundtrack for the short film "Distancia" (2017) by Damián Sánchez, the series "Postres" (2017) by Nicolás Méndez and the film "La Hermosa Fantasia del Propósito Final" (2020) by Iván Press.

In her creative process, she combines active listening to nature with sound experimentation and improvisation, using Ableton Live, synthesizers, orchestral sounds and foley-type effects to create hybrid organic-synthetic sound art.

In 2021 Sofía was selected by the British Council to join the network of women and non-binary digital artists of the "Amplify DAI" program where she develops as a communicator. Today, she is working remotely with the Spanish digital artist Estela Oliva (aka CLON) in the creation of an immersive audiovisual experience, within the framework of the Artistic Residencies of the Argentine production company Artlab. The final work of this residency will be presented at MUTEK AR 2022.