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Lito Vitalear

Lito Vitale<sup>ar</sup>
Lito Vitalear

Born on 01/12/1961, he is an Argentine musician and producer. In 1976, he founded the group MIA (Músicos Independientes Asociados) along with his family and artist friends. After the restoration of democracy in 1983, he began his solo career. Over the next 10 years, he toured Latin America and achieved success with his album "Ese amigo del alma" in Spain.

In 1992, he created a television program called "Ese amigo del alma," where he collaborated with musicians from various genres. He also composed music for films, plays, and ballets for the dancer Julio Bocca.

Starting in 1999, he initiated the project "El grito sagrado" and produced events with popular artists. He has received over 25 awards, including ACE, Gardel, and the Latin Grammy.

Currently, Lito is celebrating the 30th anniversary of "Ese amigo del alma" and plans to present music with orchestras from different provinces of Argentina. Additionally, he continues to collaborate with Juan Carlos Baglietto in their 25-year joint career.

In 2020, Lito Vitale continued in the radio media with his program "Lito Vitale entre nosotros" on FM96.7 Clásica and returned to television with audiovisual capsules of national music broadcast by TV Pública, where he joined artists from their homes due to COVID-19.

In 2021, he maintained his radio program on Radio Nacional Clásica 96.7 and his television program "Lito Vitale a la medianoche" on TV Pública. Additionally, he and Juan Carlos Baglietto celebrated their 30-year career together with a national tour.

In 2022, Lito Vitale continued on radio media and hosted the television program "ANFITRIÓN" focused on national music on TV Pública. He conducted national and international tours with Juan Carlos Baglietto and presented their joint work "Bendiciones." He also participated in events as a producer and musical director.

In 2023, Lito Vitale continued his radio and TV program, toured with Juan Carlos Baglietto, and continued presenting "Bendiciones" alongside Sandra Mihanovich throughout the country. Furthermore, he performed in Spain with his Quintet and remained active as a producer and musical director for various events.