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Jonas KoppAR

Jonas Kopp<sup>AR</sup>
Jonas KoppAR
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08.05 | 19:00 GMT +2
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Argentine DJ and sound designer Jonas Kopp is internationally recognized for his techno and ambient sound work. With fabulous edges, his career began in his country of origin and continued in Berlin first and Barcelona later, being represented by some of the most prestigious European agencies such as Net 28 or Pole Group, among others.

With his devastating DJ sets and live sets, he has toured the most important booths in the world from Tokyo, through Moscow or Berlin, appearing in clubs such as Berghain and Tresor. A regular participant in digital creativity festivals, he has been present at different editions of: Berlín Atonal (Germany), Festival Mutek (Montreal, Barcelona Bs As).

In his role as a producer, he has released his works on international labels such as Spectral Sound (USA), Curle Records (Belgium) or Tresor (Germany). Recently, he has released the LP Pleyadian on Jeff Miles' American label Axis Records. Key Tones (2021) and Holographic Universe LP"(2021) in collaboration with Dutch techno artist Jeroen Search. Both works reflect his interest in quantum energy, the composition of reality in different planes and dimensions.

At present, he is editing Ambient and Neo Classic music for his record label “OSMOSIS”, from this item are the last two LP's Exploraciones Internas Part I and Technocracia.