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Entangled OthersDE

Entangled Others<sup>DE</sup>
Entangled OthersDE

Entangled Others is the shared studio practice of artists Feileacan McCormick and Sofia Crespo. Entanglement is a complex state where no single entity can be said to be separate, or somehow unaffected, by any other present entangled; we cannot consider ourselves without others, act without interacting, speak without being heard. The duo’s work focuses upon ecology and nature through generative arts, with an emphasis on giving the more-than-human forms a presence and life in digital space. This involves exploring questions of relationship, biodiversity, and awareness through biology-inspired technologies. In turn, they highlight how new technology can be used to bring attention and awareness to the unseen that we are tightly interwoven with. Their work unveils the entangled world, showing how digital and physical spaces interact with each other. While re-imagining the familiar, Entangled Others allow neural-speculative visions of reality to emerge. Deep-learning makes for the most peculiar organisms born in this studio, breathing new lives in a 3D manner.

Entangled Others DEThis Jellyfish Does Not Exist

This Jellyfish Does Not Exist is an interactive meditation on jellyfish. As the user clicks, neurally generated specimens of jelly appear on the screen. An uncanny experience of creatures without faces, these artificial lifeforms mirror their online representation and limits thereof. As mysterious as the deepest parts of the ocean, the fish prove to be intangible beings, constantly morphing their corporeal traits.


Artists Feileacan McCormick and Sofia Crespo are collaborating under the name Entangled Others, blending ecology and technology in their studio practice.


Between 2020 and 2021, the studio gave birth to artificial life through their project Beneath the Neural Waves.


Sometimes focusing on 3D renderings, Entangled Others has also created sculptures and visual artworks reminiscent of modern pictorial art.