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Astrid SonneDK

Astrid Sonne<sup>DK</sup>
Astrid SonneDK

11.03 | 8:00 pm_10:00 pm
Live: 8:00 pm

Astrid Sonne is a composer and viola player based in Copenhagen. Her most recent album, 'outside of your lifetime' (2021), is a precisely crafted record that Sonne arrived at through improvisation, cutting and recomposition. Her pieces resemble sculptures: they are made of keys, strings, voice and buttons. Many of the instruments and inputs on the album are carefully processed to hide their personalities, so the origins are never entirely clear.

Fluid transitions can be followed between purely generated oscillating waves and real ten-fingered choral organ work. Other cuts feature fierce waveforms through a bright, warmed-up rotary pulse perfectly suited to the live music experience. Sonne's hands-on and hands-off effects blend into each other and these differences can often be perceived.

Prestigious media such as Pitchfork or Bandcamp place 'outside of your lifetime' among the best works of 2021. Astrid Sonne has performed it live at MUTEK Barcelona 2022, in what was her debut at the festival.

MUTEK presents the Barcelona debut of Astrid Sonne, one of the most representative artists of the fertile Danish experimental scene, supported by MXD (Music Export Denmark).