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André BrattenNO

André Bratten<sup>NO</sup>
André BrattenNO

André Bratten is one of the true innovators of the Norwegian electronic scene. From his debut album "Be a Man You Ant" to his sophomore double album "Gode" and his more recent epics "Pax Americana" and "Silvester"–Bratten is always changing and never standing still. His delicate production also led him to produce Bendik Giske’s critically acclaimed album "Cracks".

André has performed at Ekko Festival several times before and teamed up with Ekko to test his unique material in combination with new experimentaltechnical set-ups. In his commissioned work called "Design", he performed with his trademark innovative style together with visual artist Birk Nygaard.

Recorded at Østre in Bergen, Norway on Friday Oct 29th during EkkoFestival 2021.

Visuals,video & editing: Birk Nygaard
Lights: Silje Grimstad
Sound: Michael Bjørnaali
TOM: Kristian Vaage, m12
Camera Operator & editing: Lars-Andreas Forthun

With supported from: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Music Norway,Arts Council Norway, City of Bergen, Vestland County Council