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add 9es
IWD | MUTEK ES x Spain

08.03 | 7:00 pm_2:00 am

add9 means to add a ninth, one more note, to a chord.

Under the aka add9 hides Lorena de Tena. Born in Granada and living in Barcelona, her first contact with music was at the age of 5, singing in choirs and learning what would be her main instrument until today: the piano. Coming from the world of classical music, her style has been influenced by jazz, flamenco and electronic music. Techno Detroit and pure Chicago house are the musical elements that, like a ninth, are added to her already extensive career in electronic music.
add9 builds creative, improvised environments, where she mixes and adds her influences without limits or labels of style, genre or form.

Lorena de Tena aka add9, began her career in electronics in 2008 as a live keyboardist in residences at Amnesia, Nikki Beach, O Beach Ibiza and in clubs and festivals around the world, combining her role as a DJ where she has played at the Moog and Macarena in Barcelona. Trained in the field of music production, she mixes all this knowledge from classical music, jazz and electronics to do one of the things she likes the most: teaching. She has been teaching for more than 15 years and for the past 6 she has focused on what she calls musical comproduction (composition + production) at Plastic Academy. Two years ago she joined the ENTI Sound team, a center attached to the University of Barcelona. In addition, she collaborates with Ableton making audiovisual teaching material and is part of the Ableton Education Tour.

Add9 debuts at MUTEK Barcelona in the 13th edition to present this compendium of styles and influences. All those "adds" that, as a score, have forged more than 20 years of musical career creating a danceable and creative melody.