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Libertine (Hotel Casa Bonay)

Tucked into the original neo-classical entryway of Hotel Casa Bonay, located inside a 155 year old building on Gran Via in Barcelona is Libertine (opened in 2016) - an American style cocktail bar taking inspiration from classic Europe and modern Asia. As far as original venues go, there’s nothing quite like Libertine’s open courtyard-style room adorned with plush sofas, antique throw rugs, and original street tile flooring. The guest experience is paramount to the team at Libertine and their passion for hospitality is evident.

Libertine’s drinks program adheres to an everything-made-in-house approach that accepts no substitutions for quality and craftsmanship. Each day the team prepares fresh juices, purees, cordials, syrups, shrubs, infusions, bitters, tinctures and an extensive assortment of naturally fermented beverages to be used in their fresh, ingredient-driven creations. Their rotating menu of signature creations and off-the-beaten-path-classics is paired with a menu of elevated comfort food, designed to accompany serious (or casual) drinking, offered every day until late.

Eager to offer something for everyone, Libertine lists a range of low-alcohol and alcohol-free cocktails and craft beverages, including a range of house-fermented sodas to provide an alternative for those who seek the same unique experience, minus the bite. The natural wine program at Libertine works with small producers around Europe, offering wines of all colors and varieties to both oenophiles and the casually acquainted.

Libertine's state of the art sound system, powered by a Martin Audio sound system, inspires a casual, yet creative backdrop by day whilst transforming the space into an eclectic and musical haven by night. Whether it’s for a quiet early week rendezvous with lovers or a late weekend night out with friends, Libertine is able to accommodate any mood.