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Alice BrazzitIT

Alice Brazzit<sup>IT</sup>
Alice BrazzitIT
Simposio Day 2

04.03 | 6:00 pm_9:00 pm

Italian Audiovisual Artist (Pordenore, 1986).

Graduated from the DAMS Teatro in Bologna and graduated from the Milano Bauer Biennial School of Photography. Because of her interest in images, she discovers the world of video in Milan and begins to build her career as an audiovisual artist, collaborating with several European choreographers and directors.

In 2013 she moved to Barcelona, ​​where she currently resides. During this stage she works as a freelance photographer and video maker in different sectors, collaborating on projects with commercial and artistic themes, always prioritizing the history and poetry that hides behind the image. Some of her clients are Sala Hiroshima, the Grec, Dansa Metropolitana and the CCCB.

In 2019 she begins the master's degree in Photography Direction at ESCAC in Barcelona, ​​with the purpose of consolidating knowledge and growing as a professional in the sector.

Her artistic proposals have always been focused on photographic or video installations, accompanied by music and sound design created especially for her work.

She has collaborated with Alberto Biasutti, musician, sound designer and multimedia artist. A very interesting and recent work with him is the video installation and the short film It's Not Just About Hair, created for New York Jewel Week in 2020.

In August 2021, MUTEK ES joined forces with the multidisciplinary creation center Konvent (Berga), the Muse project ¨A new Wave in the Mediterranean¨ of the Italian Consulate General in Barcelona and the Dreamers Academy so that the artist Alice Brazzit starts an artistic residency.

In said residence, the Italian artist, in collaboration with the multimedia artist Alberto Biasutti, elaborated and produced her new project, IRIS, a multimedia installation composed of a multiscreen video work in which independent but interrelated pieces are contained.

This immersive installation invites the viewer to relive the personal journey of Iris, a girl blind from birth, during the discovery of an unknown place to which she was invited to portray the way she experiences, feels and relates to the world around her.

The initial intention of this work was to tell the mechanisms of human perception accompanied by experiences of people with different types of sensory disabilities (with particular reference to sight, chosen by society as the main sense). The encounter with Iris and her world moved the objective from telling a condition to portraying a person, emerging the poetry of the human being. IRIS, therefore, is a portrait.

The destructuring of perception, abstraction and the sensory world dialogue in this piece that speaks of silences, voids, memories, light and the creation of a reality that needs to be recognized as different from whoever interprets it.

The IRIS project will be presented on March 4 at CASA SEAT, as part of the 3rd Edition of the MUTEK ES Symposium.

MUSE, A New Wave in the Mediterranean: devised by the Italian Consul General in Barcelona, ​​Gaia Danese, and curated by Anna Mastrolitto (Dreamers Academy, LiveSoundtracks), aims to support the talent of women in the most experimental cultural and creative scene within the scope of the ITmakES project launched by the Italian Embassy in Madrid and the Italian Consulate General in Barcelona.