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Inauguración Edición 13

Inauguración Edición 13
Inauguración Edición 13

Wednesday, March 9, 2022
7:00 pm_9:00 pm

Roca Barcelona Gallery



Focused on exploring how the limits and material possibilities of sound and light not only condition our perception of space, but create space, Roca Barcelona Gallery and MUTEKES present the fourth edition of their cycle ìSculpted With Light & Sound" coinciding with the opening of the festival.

The guest artist is Canadian artist Robyn Moody who presents his work entitled “Wave Interference”, a kinetic sculpture consisting of 88 mechanically animated fluorescent tubes like a cascade of undulating light. A 19th century pumping organ that provides a constantly changing drone, creating the soundtrack and creating the environment to experience the performance. This work aims at simulating an electromagnetic spectrum formed by electromagnetic radiation waves, from low-frequency radio waves to high-frequency gamma rays. A splinter within this spectrum is visible light, and only its frequency is different from the rest.

The MUTEK MATCH - Meet the Professionals, an event designed to connect festival directors and programmers with partners, promoters, curators, institutions and agents from all over the world, will take place prior to the opening of its doors to the public, where through brief speeches will be presented detailing their professional and geographical trajectory, artistic vision and more. It can be followed by streaming (18 to 19h) on the website of Roca Barcelona Gallery.

At the inaugural event, Mónica Rikic, electronic artist and creative programmer which was awarded the National Prize for Culture of Catalonia 2021, will interview Robyn Moody.

“Wave Interference” can be visited from 10 to 16 March from 10-14h and from 16-19h. It is essential to reserve a place through

Robyn Moody is part of the delegation of Québec artists that #MUTEKES13 presents as part of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Treaty of Cooperation between Catalonia and Québec.

Digi Lab 1
Digi Lab 1: TouchDesigner for interactive Installations by Markus Heckmann

Thursday, March 10, 2022

10:00 am_5:00 pm

MUTEK - Event Placeholder