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Edition 10


Thanks for a MUTEK X!

MUTEK in Barcelona, 10 years building bridges between art and technology. Gratitude and happiness, is what the whole MUTEK ES team is feeling after an intense week of activities with which we´ve celebrated 10 years building bridges between art and technology in Barcelona.

10 highlights for this 10th edition:

  1. It has been our edition with the highest participation at the festival: 7300 people.
  2. The Digi Lab Program, has been the most extensive and complex in our history, full rooms with more than 1000 people in total participating in all the activities in universities, as well as in the Q & A and the women´s day panels.
  3. It has been an edition that reinforces our intention to be a festival for discovery; that strives to distance itself from the conventional and saturated tendencies of the international festival circuit.
  4. We consolidate as an incubator event that proposes a space for reflection and support for new scenes.
  5. We reinforced our mandate to support the local scene and focus on new artists that emerge locally and nationally.
  6. Women have led the stages of the whole festival with the most stellar performances of this edition such as Line Katcho, Kelly Moran, Ylia, Michele Mercure, Push 1 stop or Ikram Bouloum.
  7. We have explored, once again, new forms of creativity, with installations, Artificial Intelligence projects, and disruptive sounds that are not normally presented in Spain.
  8. Internally, we have consolidated one of the best work teams in the history of the festival with 65% of women in the team, directing the most important sectors of the festival organization.
  9. Our growth throughout these years has been totally organic and not dependent on big names or well-known artists to encourage the participation of our public.
  10. In particular, having the privilege and honor of presenting Herman Kolgen probably for the last time in Spain, closing our tenth edition in L'Auditori, marking the end, but also the beginning of a new era.

A truly heartfelt THANKS to all the collaborators, partners and institutions that have made the festival possible, without their support and of our audience, it would be impossible to present this festival the way we do it. We are proud of this amazing community!

Thanks to the support of: Estrella Damm, La Vanguardia, Roca Barcelona Gallery, Reebok, MRIF du Quebec, Embajada de Canadá en España, Fundación Japón, Institut Francais, Consolato Generale d´Italia a Barcellona, Ajuntament de Barcelona, ITmakES, Maker Faire Roma, L´Auditori & Sit Back, Nitsa/Astin, Radio3_ Rne, Resident Advisor, DJ Mag España, Xceed, Clubbingspain, BeatBurguer, TiU, URBAN MGZ, OHM-Mag, Good2b, Dod Magazine, TheBeatCom, Denso Mag, Blograma FM,, La Mastrolitto, Protopixel.