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Edition 12

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The 12th edition of the festival in Barcelona will exceptionally move its dates to May in conjunction with its counterpart in Buenos Aires. Bilaterally, both venues will hold their editions in a hybrid format of face-to-face and virtual events, broadcast on the virtual

This joint edition will be a further step in the exploration of new hybrid formats, projecting a new era of interconnectivity between the MUTEK Network and its international collaborators, giving continuity to everything that has been built in 2020.

"This 2020 has been a real challenge for MUTEKES. A rollercoaster of emotions, which started with the joy and satisfaction of our 11th edition in March. Little could we have imagined what was to come days later. Inspired by the strong values of the International Network that all members of the MUTEK family have grown up with, looking back, 2020 has been a year where our goals and mandates have been more valuable than ever. We have worked on building solid bridges, we have been committed to addressing the emergency that our local and international artistic and professional communities were experiencing and we have experimented with a new model in hybrid and virtual networking format, something that actually already existed but has been materialised with the initiative: MUTEK Connect.

With the Connect project, our local artistic communities have connected with a global audience on multiple occasions, travelling, virtually, up to 4 MUTEK editions in the same year. In perspective, this has been a great opportunity to discover and showcase our artists in ways we might not have explored in the short term.

Our team and collaborators have kept their work linked to the Association; and above all, we have managed to bring the public closer to cultural experiences related to digital creativity, which had been drastically reduced due to sector-wide restrictions. We have gained a lot by being able to discover even more local talent and finding a way to support them on a global level.

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