Barcelona Catalonia Spain
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Vlisa is a duo made up of Bruno de Vincenti and Ramiro Cruz Larrain. Their characteristic warm ambient sound is combined with changing rhythmic textures. In their live performances they use modular systems with random probability functions, giving a sense of a world full of life where soundscapes, transparencies and noise structures coexist.

Bruno De Vincenti is a producer and electronic musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who has been active since 1995 through various projects such as Acum23, Ivan Johnson, as part of the band Miranda!, creating the label Zensible Rec. the Argensynth group: a space for the exchange of information and knowledge related to the production of music with electronic instruments.

Ramiro Cruz Larrain is a producer of experimental, ambient and electronic music. In his productions he uses modular systems in combination with retro rhythm machines and circuit bending. Under his different aliases (Microesfera, Vlisa, Cubecatz) he explores the different facets of music with sounds ranging from delicate shifting textures to groovy dance beats.