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Valentina Spiritoar

Valentina Spirito<sup>ar</sup>
Valentina Spiritoar

Valentina Spirito is one of the artists who has come to renew the Argentine techno scene. With a highly personal sound and aesthetic, she hails from the city of La Plata and has built a solid career that has taken her to the forefront of the local underground scene. She has been in charge of 999, a rave in her city for several years, which has now become a reference among techno events in the country.

In 2022, she embarked on her first European tour, performing at clubs like Moog in Barcelona and Metarave in Berlin. Currently, she is also releasing her first musical works, with appearances on labels such as Teqwave Records. She has shared the stage with artists like Jonas Kopp, Sol Ortega, Udolph, and DJ Soulseek.