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Hernan Roperto is an Audiovisual Artist & Engineer from Argentina. Hernan develops visual content for live performances and most of his work is a combination of science, technology and art. He is interested in the study of the aesthetics and technical aspects of sound visualization, generative process, computational algorithms, geometrical abstraction and mathematical & data transformation processes. Some audiovisual works are performed together with his brother, the engineer and musician Dani Roperto, under the ROOR pseudonym

Dani Roperto is an engineer, drummer and sound artist. Dani was born in Rosario and currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After 20 years of drumming in several Rock local bands, in 2014 he distanced himself from his acoustic drum set to focus entirely on his solo electronic sound projects and A/V performances, based mainly on electronic percussion, samples and textures, addressing styles such as Ambient, Noise and Concrete Music. In 2020 he graduated from the Expanded Music at the University of San Martín (UNSAM), Buenos Aires