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12.03 | 3:00 pm_10:00 pm
Live A/V: 9:00 pm

SVBKVLT’s artist Nahash is artist and producer Raphaël Valensi. Raphaël started Nahash in 2013 in Shanghai, China as a project to write the soundtrack for the end of the world. Nahash, first released Metal inspired electronic music on his independent label, Huashan Records. Huashan Records also served as a home for some of the earlier AV experimental, noise and drone acts in China.

In 2017, Nahash moved from Shanghai to Montreal. He continued to work with SVBKVLT, an independent Shanghai label, as their main mixing and mastering resource. But in 2019, Nahash sound came to a new form that was first crystallized in its remix of Gooooose’s Plasma Sunrise, a mix of pounding rave drums, harsh noise textures and warm percussion arranged through the filter of Dancehall, old UK Bleep and Jungle records.

Nahash will be presenting the A/V show of “Flowers Of the Revolution” (2020) at #MUTEKES13, an album that came right on time considering the pre-apocalyptic ambiance of our world.