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Kazumi SakodaJP

Kazumi Sakoda<sup>JP</sup>
Kazumi SakodaJP
IWD | MUTEK ES x Spain

08.03 | 7:00 pm_2:00 am

Kazumi Sakoda, a Japanese artist based in Barcelona for the last 4 years, investigates through the sounds she collects from the streets of Barcelona, the sound differences between the city and the sounds of the city of Tokyo, where she was born and grew up. She transforms all these materials into music in cassette format, using loops of these handmade tapes. Through the recontextualisation of these cassettes, sampling and recordings of urban soundscapes, his compositions blur the genres of experimental and noise music.

With the support of the Japan Foundation, Kazumi Sakoda will be part of the programme that Spain has prepared for the IWD at Casa Bonay.