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Itti × HAIOKA<sup>JP</sup>

Tomoyuki Ichikawa a.k.a itti is a Tokyo-based producer and DJ who released his 'Djembe' EP on UK's Different Music in 2018 and made his UK debut at Noise Test in Bristol the same year. Since then, he has continued to release on international labels such as Onset Audio, Syhda Music, and Unchained Recordings. In 2019, he collaborated with dBridge and Kabuki on a song for the 2019 NEW FORMS. Later that year, Itti played at Membrain Festival. In 2020, Itti released his first solo vinyl on Different Music. Since then, he has performed live sets in Croatia and Germany. From 2022, Itti is producing Nippachi Festival, a closed-community outdoor music festival to promote musical and cultural exchange between Japan and the rest of the world.

Shintaro Haioka is a man who is deeply in tune with his cultural identity. Inspired by traditional Ukiyo-e art, a style that roughly translates to "pictures of the floating world". Haioka offers a distinctively Japanese take on modern electronic music, and one that rationalises the past with the future, and his nation with the world. He supplements his digital compositions with live koto and guitar and the result is airy and deliberate, delicate and decisive. His string of EPs for the German label Emerald & Doreen brush up against a wide variety of styles, from ambient to dubstep, while never abandoning their point of origin.