La biografía está disponible en inglés aquí.

La biografía está disponible en inglés aquí.

Known for always finding the most brutal beauty within foundational techno, Blawan has been producing industrial bangers for almost a decade. Part of a wave of young British producers with a deep appreciation for modular synthesisers as an exploratory sound design tool and live instrument, this techno titan has a supernatural fluency for bringing rhythm to the track, whether it's straight ahead, stridently syncopated or oscillating somewhere in between.


Ternesc, R&S Records , Hessle Audio


Karenn: Kind of Green (2019) ; Blawan: Wet Will Always Dry (2018)


Prior to settling on his no-nonsense techno orientation, Blawan briefly toyed with Brandy’s nineties R&B jam “I Wanna Be Down,” resurrected as the gleefully crunchy “Getting Me Down,” voted Resident Advisor’s track of 2011